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What's in your purse/wallet/backpack?


I ♥ Haters
Just like the title says - what's in your purse/backpack or wallet?

I take a large handbag which usually consists of my wallet, a compact hairbrush, a compact mirror, a small personal notebook that I use to take notes at work, my water bottle, a tube of lipgloss, a couple of tampons, hand cream, cellphone, sunglasses and a baggy of gummy worms.

My handbag has to be organized as well since I have mild compulsive tendencies. I can't have any useless receipts or scrap paper floating around in there.


Registered Member
I have a slim stainless steel wallet with ID, a few cards from shops, and some cash. My backpack has my laptop, TI-84 calculator, a small hairbrush, a small camera, flash drives, my phone, a digital audio recorder, lots of Trolli gummy candies, 4 LED flow toys, 3 pairs of sunglasses, $4.23 in change, and a melted and smashed KitKat bar? :shake: And a small LED flashlight under that - gross!


Son of Liberty
I keep cash, credit cards, debit cards, my frequent customer card where I cut my hair, and some family pictures in my wallet.


aka ginger warlock
I always tend to carry a bag with me, the people I work with never understand why I do but I prefer to have everything in one place that I know where it is, typically in my bag I will have:

Wallet, blackberry, tablet, smoking stuff (baccy, papers etc), my keys, a drink of some kind and my bus pass.


Sally Twit
lol @ 'baggy of gummy worms'.

I always take my handbag everywhere. It contains my purse, mobile, keys, hairbrush, iPod and chewing gum. It's a small handbag and just about contains all of that stuff.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I only carry my wallet which has, debit card, credit card, drivers license, health card, and a few cards from stores I frequent. I barely keep anything in there because I hate sitting on a wallet that has a lot of stuff in it.


No Custom Title Exists
I only carry my backpack to Uni and that always consists of my laptop, charger, some papers and a deodorant. Always carry a Lynx in my bag because I sweat after walking.

As for my wallet, I have my bank cards, licence, some business cards, cash and a photo of my girlfriend.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I carry a med sized bag.

pocket knife
magnifying glass
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Registered Member
I have a medium sized bag, don't like them too big or too small

House key
Umbrella (if I think it's going to rain or is raining)
Lipbalm/lip gloss
Packet of chewing gum
Sometimes my compact camera if I am going out for a day trip, and sunglasses and a book. :)
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