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Whats in your closet?


Son of Liberty
Just clothes at the moment.

the closet itself is still really new, so we've really only managed to put in clothes. With all the shelf space we have in there, I'm sure very soon more stuff will be stored in there.


I ♥ Haters
I have a really small closet. And no, that is not an exaggeration, it really is small. See, I've had the same bedroom since grade 11, and over the years, my wardrobe has expanded while my closet has basically shrunk. I recently installed an organizer in my closet, so that way, I'm able to fit in all of my clothes, shoes and accessories into a tiny space.

On the top shelf, I have a couple small baskets that hold my curling and straightening irons, blow dryer, jewelry that's not meant for every day wear. On the other shelves, I have my hats, handbags, sunglasses, scarves, belts, more small baskets to hold my hand and foot cremes, a Hard Candy box filled with all my nail polishes. On the floor, I have my boots and mini foot spa (which I suggest every girl should get. It is well worth the 40 bucks.) And one of those portable dresser deelies, since I was running out of room for my clothes.

Here's a picture. Yes... I took a picture of my closet because I have nothing better to do. Go ahead and judge me.

(If one of the shelves looks slightly crooked, that's because it probably is. Hooray for my shoddy craftmanship... or craftwomanship(?))


It's not me, it's you.
OMG! You have the same paint color and trim that I had in my room growing up. LOL

That's a good idea about the nail polish and such. I may get some baskets and do that myself. Free up some room in the linen closet.


Embrace the Suck
The clothes in my closet are organized by style and color. I start off with dress clothes like suits, sports coats, blazers, from lighter colors to darker colors, then dress shirts, the short sleeve shirts like pullovers, button downs, camp shirts, light to dark, then long sleeve shirts as well, and lastly winter items like sweaters, jackets, hoodies, things like that. One one wall I have racks for shoes.


No Custom Title Exists
My closet is a big one with shelves, on the shelves I have my DVDs, some documents, shorts, jeans, etc. But in the big part of the closet, I have my shirts on hangers. My closet is pretty neat actually. I think I am going to buy a new one soon, this one has aged.


Well-Known Member
Hmmm. My closet.

There's quite a bit.

-Insanely large quantities of change
-Coin collections
-Legos (tons and tons of legos)
-Various toys from my childhood
-A hot cocoa set :lol:

I used to be really messy but recently I've been on this cleaning streak. My closet is as clean as it has ever been.


It really depends on the room. At my dad's, I have my dresses in one section, my sweaters and jackets in another, and my nice blouses next to those. I have my shirts, jeans, and skirts, in drawers, and my nice pants and long skirts in another section of the hanging closet. At school, I had my skirts, pants, and t-shirts all on shelves, coats, dresses, and sweaters all in my closet, and underthings in a drawer. :D


Registered Member
Hmmmmm...I have 6 closets in my apartment, and all are full!
But my personal bedroom closest contains all my hanging clothing of course, and some of my shoes.
(Other shoes are in a shoe organizer under my bed)
Then on the shelves up high in my closest, I have a couple of extra blankets, and the large flower display that was resting atop my Mother's casket, is sealed tightly in a durable plastic bag. (it's to be used for me when my time comes......the blasted things are expensive!!)


Registered Member
Mine is a walk-in (or walk-through, lol?) closet in my room. At one end of the shelf I have all my hats, then a few toys, One of my fav soccer balls, and some other stuff. My clothes are in there too and organized but no winter or rain gear. That's in a closet downstairs. I have more toys and stuff in a bin and I keep clothes, some hidden things (lol), and other stuff in the drawers under the hanging clothes.
That's mostly all I keep in my closet.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I wish I were in my bedroom right now so I accurately describe it haha. Going from memory, my closet is divided into two. Right "column" has shelves, for my clothes, and jewelry, electronic stuff, and at the bottom stationery (printing paper, envelopes, etc.). Left column are for my hanged clothes, dresses, suits, scarves, hats and at the bottom I have shoes that I don't want my kids to play with (the rest of my shoes are in a big box outside and my girls like to wear them around). I also have luggages in my closet for my traveling. On top of both columns, I have papers - baby books of my kids, their school memorabilia, winter stuff and lingerie, box of postcards I used to collect, my percussion lyre, drum sticks, and my "safe" for important documents like our passports, and other civil registry documents. I also have a mystical box where there are tarot cards, i ching, and the likes. ;)