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Whats in your closet?


Creeping On You
Hopefully there's no skeletons :lol:

So what do you keep in your closet? Can be any closet, can be all your closets, just talk about closets :p

I just have the one closet in my room. I keep a lot of stuff in there. I hang my shirts on the hangers, and stack my tshirts and pants on the top shelf. Thats just one section of it. In the other half I store stuff. I have the box from my tv in there, a box of dishes, my bike(disassembled). I also have a couple mats that I use for when friends sleep over, so they don't have to sleep directly on the hard floor. I also keep my old guitar, and the box from my guitar in there, as well as my fishing gear. Two rods and a tackle box.

None of it is really stacked neatly, I sorta just shoved it all in there and then closed the door to hide it lol.

So whats in all of your closets? How well do you organize them? What else can you tell us about them?


Haters gonna hate.
I have plenty of clothes in my bedroom closet both at home and at college. Tons and tons and tons of clothes. Some of my friends think I have more clothes than I even need.

I doubt it, to be honest. I'm just always prepared for the seasons to change. I even have them organized per season (summer, fall, winter, spring... hahaha).


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I have two closets, one for coats which is filled with coats and shoes, and a few lose end stuff here and there. Then I have another closet in my room where I keep most of my clothes in, and I also have a lot of junk in boxed, and there's a few blankets on top as well. It's pretty messy, I should really clean it out soon and throw out the shit I don't use anymore.


rainbow 11!
just clothing and shoes, really. in my old closet i had a set of drawers, arts and craft stuff, and school supplies. but now that I've changed rooms, I'm trying to limit what is put in there to just clothing and shoes!


It's not me, it's you.
I have clothing, shoes, belts, accessories...things like that.

I also have a few things that I store on the shelves in there: blankets, hand bags, air mattress, and little things here and there that I needed a place for.

My closet is organized in a sense that everything has a place. My partner and I each have separate spaces. Shirts on top, pants on bottom. I don't organize by color or season though. I'm not THAT organized.


My cousin.... oh wait, not funny.

In my closet? Boxes of old books & things from my past. It's not very big, so I can only shove so much shit into it. Ha.


Sally Twit
We have one wardrobe and my partner uses it to hang up all of his work shirts. I just keep all of my clothes folded in some draws.
We have a cupboard by the front door where we keep our shoes and a few other big cupboards in the hallway where we keep the hoover, mops, cleaning stuff, etc.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The closet in my room I have all my shirts. Somehow I've acquired a lot of shirts over the years.

Outside of that I have my shoes and that's about it. I do have some seasonal clothes in the spare room closet.

In the hall closet I have my coats and jackets.


Registered Member
I haven't had a closet since I left Seattle. I pretty much only put clothes in there. I had some clothes hung up, then I used to floor for my dirty laundry.


It's not me, it's you.
I also forgot to mention that I have a nice sized walk in closet, and my dog identifies it as his room. I have a blanket on the floor in there for him to lay on. When he gets in trouble and we tell him...go to your room!, he goes into the closet.