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What's In a Name?


Registered Member
I find it fascinating to hear what people say when they are under pressure. This is easy with satellite TV which allows you to view reality programs and disasters as they strike the average Joe on the street.

A tornado rips through a town and a house turns into an airplane with the amateur videographer saying “Oh my god!” with enthusiasm and repetition.
A house floats downriver by a flood and the same words are used. Afterwards the victims are interviewed. They usually ask why it happened to them and then blame God.

Now cursing is different but even more thought provoking. Swearing is usually an expression of anger or frustration. Mankind expresses himself with excrement, procreation and its organs, and by one name only, Jesus Christ.
The most common swear word I am aware of, other than f--k, is Jesus Christ. This comes in a variety of forms from jeepers, jeez, JC, Christ etc. Movies and TV shows regularly use it as a form of expression. I have heard everybody from atheist to christian use it.

Why don’t they ever use other names? I have yet to hear anyone say “Oh Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Satan” when they hit their finger or get frustrated. Surely they were the founders of their religions and if Jesus was just a prophet then the names should also receive the same disrespect?

Makes me wonder.