Whats good

Glad to see you guys doing good (supposedly) i havent checked thoroughly thru this place but it seems to be poppin off nice. I dunno how much i will post but ill be lurking around every now and then to drop some input. So fill me the fuck in muthafuckas :)


Sultan of Swat
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OMG, I haven't talked to you in the longest time. It's me Vince Carter. How you been doing buddy, we missed you around here. What have you been up too lately. I was in shock when I saw your username lol.

Welcome back.
I been good man. How you doin? Im actually surprised to see you here without seeing your VC username on the top 10 posters i figured you'd left.


Sultan of Swat
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Nah man, I've been here the whole time, I'm the second when it comes to post, Hybrix the admin is number one.

I changed my name a couple of times, it went from Vince Carter to Michael Jordan, now its Babe Ruth. You know me, I love my sports icons.

Well it's great to have you back my friend, hopefully you'll be posting when you have the time. I'm sure all of the F-C originals miss you. Just I like I did.


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Hey dude. Good to have an original back. You going to try to stick around this time?

How's school/work/life treating you?

And lol, VC/MJ/BR is a name change whore.
I will try to stick around.

School was a fist time failure for me, but extenuating circumstances contributed to that.

Life is getting exponentially better for me, however, and i will ultimately return to school more focused and devout.


Son of Liberty
Holy shit so you're telling me the member formerly known as MJ was actually formerly formerly known as VC!?!? lmao you're not kidding he is a name change whore.

Nice to see ya on here blur, hope you stick around!
Oh that aint shit icegoat...he's had at least 10 names i think since FC / DB3k back in 2000-ish.

Whats goodie merc...yea i been around ;)

Right on for all the welcomes and welcome backs