What's going on in here?


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Hey guys! You remember me?! LOL

I been MIA for awhile now but I have returned!

Anybody hyped up about Perfect Dark (original) being released for Xbox Live this holiday?! I'm sure there's a thread here on that. So be sure when the game comes out you all will be getting thrashed by RarePD!

:smokey face


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Haha, yeah I'm OG like that, son.

LOL This place getting good traffic? I hope so! I'll be spending my "free time" here when I can!


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I don't know if you ever been active after the merge, I recall seeing your name, but it might be only on the stats page or a reall old post. Welcome none the less and hopefully you stick around.


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Yeah, Nibbles, I plan on sticking around. As for my gender, I'm male.

As for my sign-up date, yeah I didn't even realize it was that long ago. I signed up when Bill Clinton was still in the White House!

And for those who don't know, I was one of the editors for RareShooters.com, is Andrew still around? I wanted to say I'm surprised the site is still up, it's so nostalgic now... LOL

And thanks to everyone for the nice welcoming back n' stuff. That's sweet LOL