What's for dinner?


Sally Twit
How do you decide what you're going to have for dinner each day? Do you plan what you'll have for the entire week or do you just see what you fancy on the day?

I usually see what I feel like on the day or at most what I'll have the following day too. I don't plan for the week.
My parents always know what they are going to have for dinner for the week and write shopping lists at the start of the week. I can't do this as I know I might not want what I planned when the day comes.
I never know really, I just go to the fridge and see what I can eat that my mum bought at the weekend. She does a food shop every saturday and if there's anything in particular I want I just let her know then and have it later during the week. :nod:


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This is the question I hate. :lol:

Like I said in the cooking thread, I love cooking (and eating) but it's a big hassle for me to have to decide on a daily basis what I need or want to cook. It's such a boring task. I feel for my mom now because I know we ask her all the time "what's for lunch/dinner?".

I used to have a monthly calendar. Each day with planned dish. It's really helpful for grocery planning to. Then I moved to doing it weekly since we do our big shopping every Saturday anyway. Then I got lazier and just wrote down different dishes that my family loves to eat. I glance at it daily to get an idea what I can cook for the day. Although sometimes I look at the list and none of them appeals to me. Those days, I'm at a loss. :hah: I go the kitchen and ask my tummy...what are we having today?

You should do your weekly list. It's also less expensive when you plan what you want to buy in advance; or when you buy in bulk and use them for different planned dish for the week. You can open some days for "Surprise" (whatever you want, maybe even eating out or ordering in).


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When I'm at my parents house, they usually plan what they will have for the week. Sometimes they will plan the night before if they haven't planned for the week. For example if something needs to be defrosted before cooking they will take it out the night before. They seldom make up their minds on the day.

However when I'm at my flat on my own I try and plan for the week, but to be honest I just end up seeing what I fancy that day.


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Me and my rest of the family usually decide as a whole, the day before. Some people will make suggestions and others wont. Sometimes we agree sometimes we dont. It can be real hard to choose what were going to have for dinner sometimes.


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My mom usually just makes something based on what groceries and meat we have in the house. Sometimes she'll plan what we're having and buy the specific groceries needed for it. When I lived on my own, I would just order pizza =P Now, I just go see whats in the fridge for left overs and finish those up.


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I always make a grocery list before I go grocery shopping and then I always think of some meals I'll make during the week and make sure that I'll get what I need but I normally decide the evening before what I'll actually make.


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I eat whatever Konshentz cooks for me. And he cooks for me every day. :p I love it. Sometimes I help with certain things... but he's the chef and lots of times, he shoo's me away so he can finish cooking without me "messing it up."