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What's Cool... I mean Hot... I mean...


Registered Member
My friend and I were having a highly intellectual conversation tonight...
It started with her asking WTH DOES PROPS mean ... as in "Props for that one *thumbs up*"...

Then we realized, we don't know the lingo anymore for 'cool'

We used to say Duuuuuuuude, and SWEEEET, and COOOOL, and thats HOT (meaning cool), and I know tubular was in there back in my skateboard days (ahhh Gleaming the Cube...)

So umm... what words are 'in' now?


Registered Member
"That's Hot" seems to be a big one.
Also the boys seem to call each other an "Egg" or "Egger" whatever that means.
They also use the word "Anal" a lot, as in "Don't get so anal about it"


Registered Member
If I EVER used the term gay to describe something in my house growin up... it better have meant happy about something... I'd have been floored by the palm of one of my parents hands if not both! Same with anal. My parents were prudes by any means but it was more of a respect thing...


Registered Member
Yea just like me saying , sup dude


Registered Member
Well the teens around here like to call each other "GAY" and the favorite right now seems to be "you crack head" Which is really an insult to drug free teens! ( like mine thank GOD ) And telling someone :"your so stupid" is a very good complement! That is when it is said with laughter!