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What's all the fuss about with Singapore and ghosts?


New Member
My mother (who is not in the least bit spiritual or superstitious) told me that Singapore is one of the most haunted countries out there. Apparently, ghosts are present in several places there, to which many Singaporeans can testify.

Like, what? Can somebody tell me more about this?


Well-Known Member
Its best if you researched the area or looked online for a source to all these alligations of something supernatural or supernatural sightings. Honestly though, didn't think Singapore had rumors like that. But hey, always learn something new.



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Hello and welcome to GF! :D You should def do an Intro thread!
I heard something about Singapore and ghosts but haven't had time to google or check it out yet. I'll get back in the thread when I learn more!

Hey guyz! Welcome the new member! :nod: