whats a thread?


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My name is Rob and i'm 21. uh my best friend em aka winter forced me at threat of a ping pong whooping to register here.

my fish just tripped me the fuck out cause it didn't move for a while but anyway, assuming i can find this site again, figure out how to log on and how to post again then i'll be around for a bit.

p.s. i hate "change"

oh and i like to tell stories sometimes but am kind of a cool guy.... i like to think so at least.


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As for threads? They are good for making clothing. Maybe you've seen threads before, but here's an example:

Basically, you take thread and put it through a needle. Then you take said needle and stick it in and out of two pieces of fabric, front to back, back to front, etc, until you have secured the two pieces together. Repeat this until you have connected the fabric properly and you'll have your very own shirt.

Stick your arms through the arm holes (I assumed you made some), and head through the head hole. Don't leave the house just yet though. You still need pants. I will cover those in another lesson though so sit tight.