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What’s a Good PC Platform Video Game to Play With My 3-Year-Old?


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Staff member
I’m looking for a new FPS game to play casually with my 3-year-old son on my lap. Something that’s mostly laid back and not a ton of edge of your seat action.

We played through the entire first Portal game last year and started Portal 2 but that got kind of scary pretty early on. (I played a few parts of the first one without him where I thought he might get scared.)

I tried Skyrim with him too but basically all we can do is explore towns and get ready to exit the game if for some reason I upset a random guard. 😂

I’d love to find a 3D world game like Donkey Kong or Mario to play with him that’s meant for all ages but is still fun for adults. He mostly watches but we talk through all the game decisions and he enjoys that. Just need to not have guns shooting at us.

I also prefer something newer that looks modern. That’s more my preference though. He’d be happy with whatever. Needs to be PC though because I don’t own any modern gaming systems. My newest system is the first XBOX (not to be confused with Xbox One) haha.


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Best option I am aware of. Yooka Laylee. Very recent game made by the same team that made Banjo Kazooie and DK64. They even got the same composer. There is a PC version of the game.

3rd person perspective but it’s a platformer.