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Whatever Happened To...


Registered Member
A couple "whatever happened to..."

Whatever happened to the Quick Links button "Who's Online"?

And whatever happened to the Member's List button?

:confused: :confused: :confused:


what? no pink?
well I never realized the members button was gone :) but the who's online button is only for premium members now. maybe the same for members button :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ladies...Both of them have been turned off...

Andrew killed them in order to make way for some of the new changes..

They don't even work for me anymore :shake: :lol:


Registered Member
Any chance we could squeeze one of those back in, Andrew? I like knowing who's online at any given time, but given a choice, I'd probably prefer being able to find out stuff about members (all the better to harrass them with it later :-o ... just kidding)


Registered Member
I used them for easily finding someone I needed to send a PM to. When I'm on here, I usually just click on the "New Posts" button to read what's been posted lately. So I don't usually scroll all the way to the bottom of the front page. Both the "Members List" & "Who's Online" were located at the top as well, so it was nice to click on one of those to quickly find whoever I needed to send a message to.