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Whatever happened to this guy?


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I dunno if anyone remembers this guy or not, but he cut a promo back in 2008. I won't lie, he cut a pretty solid promo. What happened to him? This guy had the shortest WWE career in history?

YouTube - Hade Vansen Promo

Oh, I think his name Vade Hansen or Hade Vanson or something like that.


Better Call Saul
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I remember it well...here's what wikipedia has to say and I remember this being the case...

Vansen was set to be called up to SmackDown in a new gimmick, said to be similar to Christopher Daniels' "Fallen Angel" gimmick.[3] On the December 12 edition of SmackDown a promo appeared promoting his debut.[4] Two weeks later, however, the idea of Vansen being called up to SmackDown was dropped and on January 9, 2009, it was announced that Vansen had been released from his contract. The original plan was for him to be involved in a storyline with The Undertaker, but the idea was soon dropped.[5]
I wonder why it was scrapped so fast? I don't think anybody knows...what wikipedia says is all I remember about it.
From what I heard, dude had some sick skills too. I was excited when I heard he was gonna start off with a storyline with Taker. Then was very disappointed when they scrapped the idea and him.


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He was once one of the best Wrestlers in Britain. WWE ruin a lot of guys careers and it looks to have happened in this case also.


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What a great promo...I've never seen the guy wrestle, but now I'm interested. I wonder what he's doing now? It doesn't say anything about the indies, FCW, etc. on his Wikipedia page.

Someone call Vince, lol. :)