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What your all time favorite Christmas song?


Registered Member
I've always love Silent night. Used to go caroling when I was younger. It was one song I loved to sing too.:)


Lion Rampant


Son of Liberty
Silent Night is definitely my favorite Christmas song, although I love so many of them


Lion Rampant
Here are a few more gems which you lovely GFers may enjoy browsing:

MiT's mention of the Temptations got me to thinking about the harmonious and nattily clad doo-wop camels in a TV special that sprang from a popular ad campaign for raisins.

Claymation Christmas - We three kings - YouTube

This funky yuletide offering is on the John Waters Christmas CD. Buy it.

Akim & Teddy Vann - Santa Claus Is A Black Man - YouTube

Just found this'n, while lookin' at ^that'n. Is purty music.

12 - Carol for Another Christmas - Henry Mancini - YouTube

"12 Days" can be tedious to sit through, imo, but not so much when the Muppets get involved. See if you don't agree!

John Denver & The Muppets - 12 Days of Christmas - YouTube


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Technically it's not a Christmas song but I do love to give Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah a big ol' spin on Christmas Day. I really can't put my finger on why I do this but it feels right for some reason.


Haters gonna hate.
I would say, that as a faithful man, I would have no choice but to pick "Joy to the World". Such a classic, with an amazing message. There is no other song close to it in my mind.