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What you would NOT do for 1 Million USD.


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~I would most definitely NOT murder someone........and I seen all the others talk about NOT having sex with animals.....yeah, that goes for me too ~LoL~
But I'm a risk taker, so I prolly would do some things other wouldn't~
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There's prolly more than a million things I would NOT do for a million dollars but here are a few:
Waste half a day (or night) talking to celebs!
Go to Arizona or Cali or Florida!
Answer all my emails!
Buy my big brother a Christmas present I know he'd want!
Kill anyone/thing, steal, or lie.
Go to church (or any religion).
Let somebody tell me what to do!
Give away my ipod, Sansa, or anything else I have tunes on!
Eat asparagus, squash, eggplant, or artichokes!
Give away my new skateboard!
Go to school all year or even 7 days a week!
Live in a desert or Antarctica.
A million isn't much but everything i said applies to 100 million too. :D PLUR


Embrace the Suck
I don't think I could make a comprehensive list of what I would not do for a million dollars.

Killing anyone or any animal (aside from earwigs or flies)

have sex with a stranger, or someone I disliked

jump out of an airplane

destroy something that was precious to another person

harm myself or another person

yeah, honestly, that's kind of a stupid question.
This, except the sex with a stranger thing:p

I wouldn't sit through a Justin Beiber concert

watch Sex and the City

watch anything on the Disney Channel

The list is endless