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What you would NOT do for 1 Million USD.


Registered Member
All of the above -


*I would not rear dinosaurs
*I would not sit through all the Sex and the City episodes in one go
*I would not fart next to a candle for an idiot's amusement
*I would not scuba dive with jellyfish, even in protective gear because they are fucking creepy
*I would not cut the grass at a park with a pair of scissors
*I would not go to the moon

To be honest, there are numerous things I wouldn't do. Anything utterly ridiculous, anything heinous, anything undignifying or immoral. I mean, 1 million USD ain't that much money, although that isn't a base motivation. I wouldn't do it because my value of money is very limited. I know I can't live without it, but I don't need wheelbarrows full to live comfortably. I mean, I currently have less than £20 to last me until pay day, but I'm still living comfortably. And to be honest, that'll do. So -- what would I NOT do for a million dollars? Well, lots of stuff. Then again, there's lots I would do for it. -- although that sort of stuff would be easy shit only. Such as:

1) Do a kid's math test
2) Eat a bagel
3) Run a mile
4) Mix up shelves in the supermarket, e.g. put the beans where the frozen peas go?
5) Allow somebody to spray me with a supersoaker, filled with Evian.

etc. It's a weird question really. :S Thanks though, I found it amusing. Kudos.


Registered Member
I would not assasinate the pope. but iknow tat a lot of people would
There are probably some whackjobs out there who would do that for free.

Which is weird, because I doubt anyone would kill me without being paid, on the basis that it is a worthless risk. -- Although, so is the pope's assassination. I reckon they'd still do so though, it is a rather odd thought to be honest.

I think I have just worked something out --- The world is fucking insane.


There's plenty more things I wouldn't do for a million dollars.

Now if we're talking 10 million dollars, on the other hand....


The Hierophant
A shorter list would be things that I actually WOULD do for one million dollars. A million dollars isn't too much anymore. Where I live, you can buy a house with that and a new car and be out of money after that.


Registered Member
To the OP --- I would paint your house for 1 million USD - Is that the point of this? Do you need a decorator and have money to burn? Please say it's so, although could you front my travel expenses, I don't mind travelling in cheapo seats for this. I'll do a good job.


Registered Member
Well Am not sure about the values you people are sticking to,,,
once the buisness gets serious most of you will sell those values for free,,, :))

ma list would be "and am sticking to it"--- I wouldn't:
- kill the king/president >>> coz i would be cought an hour later
- buy a Ferrari >>> too fast i could die
- buy a house >>> it would burn dowm with me inside!!
- travel the world >> i could be kidnapped or killed
- Help people >>> they will come back asking for more
there are many more,, i could go till morning ,, so i guess these are enough


Well-Known Member
I guess I have looser morals than a lot of people here. Though I wouldn't kill my family, or really anyone I know, some random person on the street would be different. As long as there weren't consequences. There are still plenty of things I wouldn't do for a million dollars, I just wanted to bring that up as everyone else seemed so against it.


Sally Twit
The top of my list is having sex with someone for money. No matter how much money I was offered I would still feel dirty.


Registered Member
There are way too many things to list, so I will state the first one I thought of: I wouldn't sleep with anyone who is not my partner.

Another obvious one was killing someone, unless I am convinced (beyond reasonable doubt and blah blah blah) that the person is a child molester and has walked free. In that case you can even keep your money, give me a gun.

Ah, and I would never start praising any god or follow any religion (even on the surface), unless I suddenly did believe.