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What you would NOT do for 1 Million USD.


Registered Member
I was discussing this with some friends as to what we would not do for 1 Million USD.

your own death, not an option.
acquiring diseases, not an option.

I thought about it and I honestly think the ONLY thing that passes my boundaries is killing someone for no reason.

So, what would you NOT do for 1 Million USD?


Living on the 0th floor
There are tons of things I wouldn't do for a million dollars.

I wouldn't kill my either of my dogs for a million dollars... Or any animal for that matter.

I wouldn't marry someone I didn't love for a million dollars.

I wouldn't cheat on a partner.

I wouldn't sell any of the gifts my brother gave me.

There are tons and tons and tons of things I wouldn't do for a million dollars, but there are tons I would do too.


Hmmm, where do I start?

I wouldn't kill my pets.
I wouldn't kill my siblings.
I wouldn't kill my parents.
I wouldn't kill my friends.
I wouldn't kill my friend's friends.
I wouldn't kill a homeless person off the street.
I wouldn't kill a random, average everyday person off the street,


still nobody's bitch
I don't think I could make a comprehensive list of what I would not do for a million dollars.

Killing anyone or any animal (aside from earwigs or flies)

have sex with a stranger, or someone I disliked

jump out of an airplane

destroy something that was precious to another person

harm myself or another person

yeah, honestly, that's kind of a stupid question.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Rape, murder, pillaging, sexual indecency with an animal, the list goes on.


A Darker Knight
Nothing illegal or risking personal injury and health.

yeah that should pretty much cover everything


jump out of an airplane

destroy something that was precious to another person

harm myself
Really? Depending on the severity, I would do them all if they weren't too extreme.

Rape, murder, blah, blah, blah... Yeah, same here.


Registered Member
I think there's more things I wouldn't do for a million dollars than would do. The problem is, I think a million dollars would be nice, but since it's not necessary to my happiness I'm pretty picky. I wouldn't do anything that hurt people or animals, I wouldn't do anything immoral or illegal. I wouldn't leave my family.

I might take my clothes off and streak across a football field.

But not if the cameras were rolling.


Son of Liberty
Cause Pain, Harm, or Sadness to those I love.

Other than that for a Million bucks I'd do alot of anything.


Pretty much everything that I haven't done so far because I don't want to do it. So a million dollar wouldn't change anything related to my preferences in doing or not doing some things.