What You Remember Most


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What is the most remembered memory you have of your parents individually or any guardian?

What is the best thing they have done for you?


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I remember my Dad being a very remote and angry person when I was growing up. I also remember seeing him break down when my Uncle died. I'd never seen him cry before. I remember my attitude towards him softening from that point on.

I remember all the heart-to-hearts I had with my Mum growing up. Of everyone in my life, she was the one person I could truly talk to. I remember her never saying that she loved me, yet somehow I always knew she did, and she would always give me the best hugs anyway.

As for the best thing they ever did for me? Love me. Dad never said it, and he was certainly always hard to connect with, but everything he ever did was for me and my sister. And, like I said before, while Mum never said it, she always made time for us and raised us well. So, yes, while I am a bit of an emotional basket case at the best of times, I still wouldn't be half the man I am if it had not been for them.


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I looked at my father as if he was superman, he worked hard and played hard as well, when we lost my sister I saw something else in him as well, vulnerability,the day we placed her in her final resting place my father broke down in my arms,and proved to me that a man is more than what people see, I had never seen him cry, even when his own parents passed on, in his tears I found the strength to continue.

My greatest memory of my parents,one that is filled with love and happiness is from when I was about six, my dad had been away working for about two months, when he got back,he let himself in early, when we all came down stairs,my dad was sitting at the tableware the biggest smile on his face,after all us kids got a kiss and cuddle he picked my mum up,swung her around and told her he would never leave again, and true to his word he never worked away from us again.


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The thing I most remember about my Dad are 2 things..1 not so good is when him and my Mom were getting divorced I lived with him..My family believes he had bipolar but was diagnosed.
anyway I was a junior in high school and Ilived with him and my brother here in the house I still do live in.
He became violent one day and I don't remember what brought it on but he came toward me as if he were going to grab me and I protected myself by throwing a knife at him and missing.

Of course that's not something that anyone should or want to remember but I did ask.
Now that the bad is out of the way the good thing iremember about Dad was when I 2 or 3 I was in the hospital from having something major done I would not let him go to work.
The minute he would leave the room I would scream and cry for him to stay.

The only way he got to leave to go to work is by promising me to bring a hershey candy bar.
He always kept his promise. ;) See how far back I loved chocolate :lol:
He also saved my life once.

My Dad also in my adult years even though I could or should support myself he made sure that
if I needed anything he would be there because he didn't want me to struggle.

As for my Mom wow there's too many good memories of her that I cry even now typing this because she was my best friend until the day she died.
She was what I call the consummate mother..Top notch..

She did what every mother should do.
There would need to be a book written for my Mom's memories.


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I get mixed feelings when I look back on my childhood and my parents. We had some good times, there were lots of days out to an adventure park that was nearby, the beach, and occasionally a theme park.

From a young age I knew not to annoy my dad, he had a temper on him, and it was easier to listen to him. He was not violent to me or my brother, but there are other memories of him I wish I didn't have. I have more bad memories of him than good ones. But he did have the ability to make us genuinely laugh, so I suppose that is one good memory.

My Mum spent all her time working, now I know it was to keep a roof over our head and enable us to go places and enjoy childhood as much as possible. One of the best times we had when she took me and my brother to The Netherlands for a week. We had a great time, and as it was just the 3 of us we felt relaxed and could make the most of the time we had.
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I know I was the one that started this thread and believe me when I say I'm glad I did.

I just want to thank everyone that answered at this point. I honestly loved reading the replies
because not only does it make me realize that other people besides myself either had it just or good as I did.. But it also gives me the feeling like yes there is definitely a big difference I see from generation to generation as far as raising children goes.

It shows we are all human and all have had problems and will continue to have problems.
If there are new children in the generation in the picture then you as a parent know what to do or maybe not do to your children like it was done to you.

Thanks again for answers because I sit here now and realize more and more that I loved my dad more then what I thought i did. I miss both my parents so much now that if I could have just one wish now it would be that I can bring them both back to say Thank you and I love you to both of them:shake:
My dad's dad didn't spend much time with my father when my dad was a youth. My father resented it. Hence, my dad spent a lot of time with me as I grew up. We went fishing a lot, snowmobiled, and went to auto races a lot.

I'm thankful my dad cared about me.