what you know about islam????

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    Islam today has a greatest chalenge among many years a go , what you know about islam , and how your image could you describe it ..
    feel free to ask every thing about Islam ..

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    I know nothing...so tell me what is it all about?
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    I know a massive, massive amount for a high schooler who's not Muslim.

    Islam is based upon Allah's revelations to Muhammad, who is the final prophet (Seal of the Prophets). Allah is intangible, all-knowing, all-loving and perfect. The Arabic version of the Koran is viewed as the direct revelations, though it was not finalized for several decades after Muhammad's death (one of the first jobs of the caliphate was to organize the Koran and stamp out other interpretations or versions that had arose).

    It preaches that Abrahamic religions, or Christianity and Judaism, are to be respected as peers. They are not perfect, but they love the same things, follow the teachings of many of the same prophets, etc.

    Islamic ethics and life are governed by the Five Pillars, which are (let's see if I can nail these): Zakat, Salat, Hajj, Shahada, and Ramadan. Zakat is almsgiving of I believe 2.5 percent, Salat is prayer at five times during the day, Hajj is that any Muslim that has the means to should go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life, Shahada is the confession of faith (There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger, or the phrase once says to become a Muslim, assuming they believe it), and Ramadan is the observance of the month of Ramadan (ninth month, usually around September or October) as one of daytime fasting and reflection and nighttime group eating.

    Interesting factoid: at the Islamic Day of Judgement, Jesus has to show up for it to happen. Seriously. He's one of the most revered prophets besides Muhammad.

    I'm a pretty decent non-Muslim source of information. I'm not biased as much as most Muslims, but I do know far, far less overall.
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    Allah is supposed to be an abstract "nothing". He isn't a humanoid shape or a rock. He's just there.
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    The History of Islam

    First, we want to take a look back at the history of Islam. Islam was founded in the early seventh century by Muhammed. When he was 40 years of age, in A.D. 610, Muhammed claimed to be receiving messages from God. These messages were later compiled and recorded in the Koran--Islam's holy book.

    About this same time, Muhammed began preaching against the greed, economic oppression, and idolatry that plagued the Arab peoples. He called on the many factions of the Arab peoples to unite under the worship of Allah, the chief god of the Arab pantheon of deities. Though his message was initially rejected, by the year 630 he had succeeded in gaining control of Mecca, the economic and religious center of the Arabian peninsula.

    Though Muhammed died two years later, the religious/political movement he founded rapidly spread throughout the Arab world, and far beyond. By A.D. 750, the Muslim empire spanned from Spain in the west to India in the east. In the centuries that followed, Islam penetrated deeper into Africa and Asia, extending as far as the Philippines. During its "golden era" Islam claimed some of the world's finest philosophers and mathematicians. It was during this time also that Islam and Christianity clashed as a result of the Crusades to reclaim the Holy Land from the Muslims.

    I'm a pretty decent non-Muslim source of information. I'm not biased as much as most Muslims, but I do know far, far less overall.[/quote]

    Thanks friend, that is great people know about Islam that much.

    One in every five persons on this earth firmly believes that the Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of God. He was a Muslim and there are more than 1.3 billion such Muslims today.

    Not only individuals but entire countries take pride in declaring their allegiance to him. There are 54 such Muslim states today, ranging from those as large as Indonesia and Bangladesh, with populations of 200 and 125 million respectively, to those as tiny as the Maldives or Brunei with populations of 230,000 and 260,000. Even in non-Muslim countries, large Muslim populations constitute significant minorities; as much as 120 million in India and 20 million in China. Indeed, within the last half century, Islam, the religion brought by the Prophet Muhammad, has become the second largest religion in most European countries, as also in America and Canada.

    Black and white, red and yellow, followers of the Prophet Muhammad come from all human races. Whether in Asia or Europe, Africa or America, in every nook and cranny of this globe, you are sure to find Muslims. They live in the most advanced, sprawling megalopolis as well as in the most primitive nomadic tent, village, hamlet, and even in the bush.
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    Good deeds, good thoughts, good words..?
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    As of now, I know that there are many millions who are Islam that follow the religion respectively, and then there are others who misinterpret Islam teachings or use them in a corrupt manner for their own benefit. I do know the Islam religion goes not condone human violence, and it is this violence taken in the name of Islam that makes all other peace loving innocent Islam followers look bad to the rest of the world. It is sad, more people in the history of the human race have died in the name of someones 'god' than any other manner.

    Holy War......

    two words combined that CAN'T make sense, it is an oxymoronic combination, like for instance...... Military Intelligence, or George Bush......

    BTW I am new here so hi to everyone, if I offend anyone please let me know, I am easy to get along with and enjoy good conversation.
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    I know that many Muslims have corrupted the religion for their own benefit or as an excuse to kill people. These individuals make innocent peace loving Muslims who follow the true faith, look bad to the rest of the world, and it has become a horrible stereotype to those Muslims who reside in other parts of the world. It is a 'Wolf in sheeps clothing' type of situation as in the September 11th attacks. These guys lived in american homes, had american friends, and went to american schools. If they would have followed their own beliefs as the Islamic teachings are written, the WTC Towers would still be standing. Ohhh and it isn't just Muslims who use their own religion as a backbone to inflict dammage on the world, pretty much every religion that has at least 1,000 years under their belt have been involved in horrible acts of violence in the name of GOD.
    Holy War......
    two words that CAN'T make sense but the human race worshiped that phrase for so many years. now we have
    Military Intelligence.......
    two more words that just can't be put together and mean anything civilized in a world struggling to become more civilized.
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    Thanks for pointing that out. The largest domestic terrorism attack pre-9/11 was by people with ties to the Christian Identity/white supremacy movement. All religions have some bastardized militant branches. It's an inevitability due to the size of a religion.
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    Islam came from one wetnness saw the god as he sed' but i dont think Islamic behave as the Islam ask!

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