What You Didn't See On RAW

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by andrew_bishop, May 9, 2007.

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    Dark Match:

    Chuck Palumbo defeated Viscera with the big boot to the face. Palumbo came out on a Motorcycle, as reported in the Observer.

    Heat Tapings:

    Eugene & Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Xavier & Scotty Charisma when Duggan pinned Xavier after a Three-Point Stance.

    Val Venis pinned Shawn Reynolds with the Money Shot. Afterwards Val was limping badly and seemed to have injured his knee.

    Cryme Tyme defeated Johnny Nitro & Kenny Dykstra when JTG pinned Dykstra after the G-9

    Note: To avoid making several threads like this , Just post the night of RAW and then what happened.

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