What would you play?

I'm doing a survey for a class on what type of an immersion MMO gamers would like to play. (along the lines of second life or IMVU)

So I can tell what groups of people I get responses from can also please have you tell me your age and gender

Would you like your avatar to be which of the following?

anime/realalistic/cartoonish/a mix of realism and cartoonish

Would you like the MMO's setting to be?

urban or rural
fantasy, real or sci-fi

Thank You
I don't know what survey's you've taken, but most of them need to know who's answering the questions...

And as for IMVU...I know it's a chat service.....thats what i was trying to get across....a mmo chat service...sorry that you had to be an idiot and not realize that....


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sorry that you had to be an idiot and not realize that....
"Idiot". Wow. That's kinda harsh, don'tcha think? Instead of using a technique to entice people to take the survey, you resort to a tactic that may result in getting you banned?

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Yenni. I don't know what online forums you've been to but in my experience A LOT of people value NOT having to give out their age, location, etc.

You would have been better off creating a website to track these results anonymously.
If you don't want to respond you don't have to...that's the beauty of a forum. I'm sorry that he wants to complain about not giving out his age but thats how surveys work, you need to know which group to place the data in....I'm sorry about the idiot comment...My boss and i had gotten into an argument at work and I kinda took it out on him...sorry...


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I realize that's how surveys work. That's why I suggested creating a website where people can answer the questions anonymously. Would solve all of your problems since most people don't want to answer a survey if they have to give out personal info. Especially if they aren't getting paid to answer the survey. ;)