What would you do?


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Well I posted before about starting a business bit recently My dh mentioned coming and working with me... ( alittle backround is he works in hvac and lay offs yearly are a normal thing, but mellow weather makes a bad yearand this year it is been really bad and we are tired of it)
I run an in home daycare. Well out of my morbid curiosity I decided to see what this would do for us financially, so I put it all into money , did some charts and graphs, worst case scenerios etc, and turns out we would be up 14k a year at our lowest point with him working with me at home, and upwards another 20k a year. as apposed to just living pay check to pay check they way we are now. And shameingly said we even have to use food stamps right now ,,, I know sad isnt it. Anyway I have one last thing I need to figure out and actually will be paying to go see an accountant next tuesday to ask him about and that is taxes. See dh and I are actually ex dh and ex wife ;) so we are not married and come tax time he claims two of the kids and I claim one and well we get a pretty good tax return between the two of us, I dont want to lose that so I am trying to figure out what effect it will have on our tax returns. Heck what id love to happen is for his boss to get wind and give him a 10 an hour raise LOL , anyway the fighting and spending all day every day isnt an issue, he has been laid off for nearly two months recently and then another week this last week , we actually get along better with him here all the time. So what do you think? Can you think of any concerns or worries about it ? what would you do if it were your spouse? Sorry for the book would love to hear your opinions though !


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Well dont feel bad i keep bags and bags of them here and keep a big candy dish sitting here on my desk full of them at all times i love um there almost better than well never mind :lol:


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mmmm m&m's O want some!!

Actualy I rarly eat sweets, and have always been that way.. my mom would give me a big box of see's candies and I'd have a bite out of one and be done... Now the kids on the other hand..... Ok so I have 1 that's like me in that respect... And well... lets just put it this way...Quillan's first word was Chocolate He is a true chocoholic...

As far as you and your DH or exDH, if you get along that well than go for it, jsut make sure if your fighting or having a disagreement that you don't bring it to work with you.


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lol my ""boyfiriend andI were married we got divorced in 2000 but got back together early the next year. so i just call him my husband.