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What Would You Do?


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Hey everyone!
How is it going?
Actually I have a question that I would like to discuss with you..
My question is:
If a friend lied to you...and then he/she asked you to forgive him/her...what would be your reaction?
Would you forgive him/her and become friends again? OR end your friendship with him/her?
For me...I think if my friend lied to me...I would end my friendship with him/her...and if you asked why...it is because I do believe that true friends are always honest and never lie..
What do you think?


It would depend on the friend and the lie. Generally I forgive people when they ask for forgiveness. If I really cared for that friend and they asked me to forgive them, I would.
If he/she wasn't an important friend then things would never be the same again between us.


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I'm pretty sure I would eventually forgive him / her; but depending on what he / she did would actually determine whether or not I would resume our friendship.


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Lying is a very human thing to do and no one is always 100% honest. It would have to be something fairly serious for me to end a friendship over it. You have to understand where they are coming from and under what circumstances the lie originated .


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It would depend on the degree of the lie, and the reason why the lie was told...and if my friend was sorry or not.

Most of the time I would say that I would still be friends with them, but just know that I can't trust them to be honest.


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Lying is a very human thing to do and no one is always 100% honest. It would have to be something fairly serious for me to end a friendship over it.
I agree with this. Lying is part of human nature. You can't deny that.

I'm sure that I've had friends lie to me on numerous occasions. Depending on the lie that they told me, I could have a huge difference of reactions. If it's something small, then I probably won't remember it later that same day. But if it was something big, then I might not ever be able to forgive them. That aside, if you feel like you're wanting to end your friendship with that person over the lie, it was probably a big enough lie to justify it. But if they said that their favorite color was orange and you found out that it was actually green, then I think you should either let it go or just talk to them about it.


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It all depends on what the lie is and how it would look if i forgave them (to other people). If others would see me as weak or the lie was hurtful, I would not forgive them. If the lie was meaningless or minor-ish then I would fake forgive them and just bear in mind that they lied to me.
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"Expect the unexpected"
It would depend on the friend and of course the extremity of the lie. Some lies even though they are hurtful are easier to recover from while some lies are beyond repair; calls for a severing of the bond of friendship. A friendship without trust is futile.
Remember though that forgiveness should not be neglected in any of this (it should be given its due consideration) as no one is perfect; we all lie at some point in time.


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I've got pretty much a limitless tap of forgiveness, so I probably would let it slide. Doesn't mean I wouldn't get mad, though.

Still, like just about everyone said, it all depends on the lie.