What would you do...

If you found out a child molester was was living on your street?
I'm pretty sure I'd do all I could to make the person feel uncomfortable and hopefully move as soon as possible. I have 3 girls and can't imagine having that constant worry.


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Like in the list of child molesters they circulate on the net? I wonder if some of those were bogus charges. Anyway, I'd avoid for my family to have any contact with the person. I think most molesters choose their victims from people they've had contact.
there is that website you can check on! i found out a child molestor lived down the street from my apartments but came in to the office all the time (i recognized him from the website) which was right next to the daycare.... you know i reported that right away because there was quite offten that the "older" children were left unattended. by older i mean about 10 years old which is still young enough to be worried about. turns out my apartment manager didnt even know about the website or the fact that this man was a child molestor. she does now and has actually started checking the website monthly and made sure the entire staff knows who these people are.


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We actually did have one living in the condo next to us right after we got married. I simply didn't let my daughter go out on her own, but then I wouldn't have anyway since se was only 2. If I knew that now (and I think most people do have a child molester living relatively close to them, they just don't realize it), I would probably just try to avoid them and keep the kids away from that area as much as possible. I would also put a little more effort into teaching them how to react to strangers and if anyone tries to convince them to go anywhere with them and also if that person tried to do anything inappropriate.


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In my old apartment I went on one of the websites that shows you where anyone convicted of a sexual crime of any nature lives around you, and I lived downtown in a big city and the map just lit up around my area. I don't have children so that wasn't a concern of mine, but the fact that there were a few that had "Rape resulting in murder" was what scared me. I had an alley right next to my apartment and I was terrified of it. Where I live now there are none in my neighborhood, and none very close, but I would definitely be very concerned if I had children and found out there was a child molester on my street. I would keep a very very close eye over my children and understand that house is not one you go to.


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Well I don't have any kids, and am pretty much the kid of the household even though I'm 19, it wouldn't bother me all of that much. Not that I'd like it or anything, it just wouldn't be a threat to me.


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I'd be on constant alert I suppose and keep my offspring close to me at all times when going out and never leave them with a babysitter below the age of 17.
From what I've read so far, most of you would just be on alert correct?
I wouldn't be content with just keeping an eye out. Why should I be in constant worry mode because of someone elses crime?
I'd find a way to make the person extremely uncomfortable living in the neighborhood.


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I'm not an action type of person. If it worried me that much I'd probably try something to get rid of them but in a subtle way. Maybe get others aware of who is living in the neighbourhood and maybe get a petition started or something.. I don't know.


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I would be wary of them, but I'm not the kind of person whose going to go out of my way to make someone else who isn't bothering me miserable.