What would you do right now...


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If the shit hit the fan right this second? Lets say massive nuclear attack, meteor or something that would collapse society as we know it, but not necessarily kill everyone. If that happened and all modern amenities like power, heat, water, sewage, cell phones etc... were down what supplies do you have at this very moment where you are in order to survive? Anything may be used.

Currently I have lots of bottled water and food to last me and the cat a while (wife is not home).
Obviously my guns/knives to kill food and protect myself from looters.
Warm clothes/blankets.
Tank of gasoline in the shed and matches.
Mag light with plenty of batteries.
CB Radio/Police Scanner and a wind up solar powered AM/FM radio.
2 full propane tanks in the shed. I could use them for heat in my portable heater if needed.
Full tank of gas in my car to gather supplies.

Thats all that comes to mind.
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Probably die.

If by some miracle I were to survive, I'd hit the supermarkets and shops for as much tinned food as I could carry and then some. Then I'd hit the cadets HQ nearby for ration packs. My actions from that point onward would depend on the situation - if there was no government/leadership left I would assume total chaos would ensue, thus I would barricade myself in my home and try to contact my family and friends. From then, I'd probably just wing it.


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I have no idea.

Really, I'm so.. domesticated? that I wouldn't be able to survive, I'm not even going to lie. I'd live until I run out of food, or freeze to death, or something.


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I would take the PT Cruiser with the dogs and cat and try to get to Cinci. Then I'd take my sister, eric, ethan, dogs and cats to Pro's. lol

On second thought, Alisa's and she knows why.


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All I have are blankets, a lighter, steaks and chicken in the freezer. I have my dogs for protection....sort of (like a mini dachshund is going to do anything). I would break down some furnitures so I can start a fire to keep warm and cook food.


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Hmmm, good scenario, luckily I'll be semi-prepared.

Though power would be out, I would use my phone to its best abilities (iPhones) until the batteries died. Other than that, blankets, flashlight, candled (for back up lighting), spare tank of gas and tires, some sort of radio that takes AA batteries, and whatever food I have left stored.



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I've found that I can (barely) survive pretty much anywhere there's fresh liquid water, but I could never adopt an "every man for himself" attitude in a disaster scenario. Maybe, every so often, I'd be called upon to patch up a bullet wound after somebody knocked on the wrong paranoid's door while questing for a cup of flour. Knowing me, though, and having observed that real life is virtually never like cool movies or overactive imaginations, I'd probably spend the rest of my life showing people how to utilize 'alternative' protein sources ("They're not crickets, they're crunch berries!"), organizing old folks fishing parties, giving vegetable gardening seminars, and all kinda (intensely boring) stuff like that there.
From your list, I've got these..

Currently I have lots of bottled water and food.
Warm clothes/blankets.
Tank of gasoline in the shed and matches.
Full tank of gas in my car to gather supplies.

..but I'll probably just sit in the corner of my room until everything is okay again. :nod:


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I have 14 beers and half a bottle of rum. Well water, but I suppose without electricity, nothing to run the pump. So I'd have to fashion a handle on the pump to turn it myself, and get the water out. Got flashlights and propane. Dogs to eat.... *protect us. Two horses that could become food sources. theres' meat in the freezer we could eat right away. It's below freezing outside, so we could stick the meat in a box outside to keep it cold. (Not the beer though, cause I like it warm). Got no guns, but there's lots of shovels, and pick axes and various other tools around that could be used as weapons should someone come to relieve me of my survival stuff.