What would you do if you found out God were indeed real?(to the athiests)

I'm just curious. I don't know this answer, as I'm obviously not Athiest. But I just wanna know what you guys would be doing/thinking? It's always puzzled me...also if any believers wanna say what they think God will do with nonbelievers even though they may have lived a great life, your input is welcome too..


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My father once told me a story about his devout boss at the office.

My father said, "Frank, I have a question for you. Let's say throughout my life, I'm a good person. I give to the poor, I work hard at my job, I raised three great kids, had an amazing woman by my side who I cherished and loved, I'm generous, courteous, and polite to others . . but I don't believe in your god (the Catholic 'God' in this case). What happens?"

"You're going to hell."

Basically, it depends on what kind of God you believe will be there. Some believe in God as being vengeful and merciless, especially towards those that didn't live by the 'exact' teachings of the church. Others believe in a loving and peaceful God who is forgiving of his children and sees people for the good they've done, not for how much money they gave or time spent in church.

Not to mention, who says you need to go to church to praise God?

To answer the question, I don't think there's much to say. It's just like saying to a Christian "What if the Muslims are right?" It would just be a serious "aww shit" moment.


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Well, I'll be like Flanders in one episode of the Simpsons where he's dying and goes something along the lines of, " "I'm dying! .and there's Heaven! Who's that? Confucius! .and Milton Berle! Boy have I been barking up the wrong tree!"

except it would be the other way around.

I know I wouldn't be angry or anything, but I'd be pretty disappointed. I know I would say "well I'll be damned"
Are you (the OP) asking what I (as an atheist) would do if I found out there definitely was some supernatural being, or what I would do if I found out your particular religion was correct (as raddmadd seems to assume)?

If the former (general theism), then it wouldn't actually change my life much (if at all). How would your life change if you learned aliens existed but they had absolutely no interest in Earth or humans? If the latter (a specific religion), how would you respond if you learned that the Raelians were the ones who got it right?
If it were to be proven that God existed, and that it mattered how you acted in life to the God, then I'd do my best to start acting in ways that the God would like. Cant hurt to try and provide for the afterlife.


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I am Orthodox, in other words, Christian.

Let me be that but I don't believe in God, I don't have any reason. Nor, I don't belive in hell or Heaven.


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As a Christian I think Merc nailed it. you really have to think about what kind of God is up there and how that would impact your life. Admitted, as a Christian I think a lot of people would fill their pants if the God in question were confirmed and it proved a certain religion to be correct or even if it proved all religions wrong.

One of the many philosophies I apply to different situations covers this pretty well: Just because you can't prove that something does exist doesn't prove that it does not exist.
One of the many philosophies I apply to different situations covers this pretty well: Just because you can't prove that something does exist doesn't prove that it does not exist.
That's true, but also keep in mind that while it may not prove that it does not exist, there's still the possibility that it doesn't exist. When you can't prove either way, it's a complete toss-up... it's equally possible that something does or does not exist.


I mean it's a pretty simple answer. If God was proven to exist (anything short of him appearing to billions of people and people would still deny the existence) then I'd wonder which God was appearing before me. Just b/c I see a GOd doesn't mean it's the Christian God nor does it make any of the teaches of the bible true.
All I would see is a God and I'd try my hardest to figure out what this God wants from us, if anything at all.
My logical brain still has trouble wrapping around the idea that a being that creates the universes as expansive as this one would care at all about what we are a people think about Him or do for Him. What does he need our loyalty for?