What would you do if Hybrix...


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A lot of people here post daily on GF, because it's a place where they can talk to all kind of people from all kind of difference places around the world. A lof of members here depend on posting here, because it's a place where they can forget about the REAL World for an hour or more. So the question I have for everyone is the following: How would you feel if Hybrix closed this place forever by midnight tonight? Explain answer.

PS: Hybrix I know you'll never close this place, but please pretend and go along with the thread :D


Son of Liberty
I'd probably just find another forum. Most all of the people I really enjoy talking to on here I have on my AIM so I'd either just keep the friendship there or I'd follow them like a lost puppy to wherever site they end up on.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I have off GF means of contacting the ones I would really miss talking to. I could just send them an instant message, text or call. And we can come up with a cool temporary forum until we convince Hybrix to reopen GF.


Sally Twit
I'd be pretty upset. I found this place very randomly because I was never much of a forum person before GF. I've made quite a few friends here and it'd be a big shame if I never got to speak to them again.

I don't post here to "get away from the real world" though, I post here to share my thoughts on the real world.


Sultan of Swat
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I would defenitely be sad about it. I've grown attached to these forums, for so many reasons.

But I would just re-start a forum by myself ad try to make it successful just like I did for Fusion Central. Which means I'd have to recruit like a mad man once again. Fun Times :)


Endangered Species
I would just go to a different forum or spend more time on the others I frequent. I don't really know any of the posters here at GF so I don't have contact outside the forum itself, but I might do a bit of detective work (google plus names?) and see if I could track down some of the more memorable people who I have respect for to see if there would be a new place we could go.