What would you do if a member died?


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Rather a morbid topic I know, but I was just thinking about it for some reason. How would you react if one of the members here died, say a member you get along with really well? GF is quite a tight knit community and I know a lot of us talk outside the forums.

I'm not sure how i'd take it. I'd be upset for sure, but it's a rather strange situation. I consider a few people here as friends, so yeah I dunno. :-/


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I would be sad but deep down there's nothing I can do more then just send my condelences to his friends and family.

It would take a few days/weeks to accept it, but eventually I would and move on.
Imp said:
How would you react if one of the members here died, say a member you get along with really well?
I'd feel exactly the same way I would with any friend who dies. It would probably take a long time to get over it.


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Depends on the person, really. Obviously I'm not going to be happy with anyone dying, but with some people it would be a "Oh, man, that really sucks", and I'd be sad, sure. But with some people it would hit me pretty bad. There are a lot of people who I consider close friends on here and with any close friend I'd be devestated with that loss.
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I'd probably be hit pretty hard. It'd be pretty wierd. I remember a member i connected with on my previous forum got killed in a car crash, and that was pretty wierd. See his old posts, and knowing that he'd never make another. It'd be really wierd and strange to cope with.


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Like Chaos said, it depends on the member. I would be sad if anyone died (even Hybrix) but if it was a member I never talked to then it wouldn't be very hard to move on. There are a lot of members here that I consider real friends though, and if one of them died I would definitely be depressed for a long time. It would be hard coming here and seeing their old posts.


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For that matter, how would we know? I mean if I died, my sister would know to get in touch with the mutual friends I share with ysabel. And if Kay died, her sister would let me and Anita know, I'm sure. But say it was someone who doesn't have any contacts outside GF? How would we know?

All that said, like the rest of you, depending on who it was, I'd be just as devastated as I would if a RL friend died. I don't draw a distinction between real life and forum friends.


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It depends on who, I would be sad if anyone died. But say someone I get along with really well, (e.g. Jeanie or Pam) I would be really sad. I would probably try to make it to their funeral, as well.


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I've had this happen on other forums. Generally there is a grieving process for a while. Some members are more upset then others. Generally a section of the forum is dedicated to their name i.e. "XYZ Name's place"

We'd talk about them for a while, but that section generally turns into a more modest sub-talk where people talk about family issues, medical problems, and a place where you can just vent in a non-complaining way and people will lend a helping hand or a kind word.

If I kicked the bucket, my wife knows my passwords... she'd get on here and tell yinz.


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@ Jeanie: Well, if I died, my sister is a member here and would probably tell you all. The people that it would affect me if they died I have on facebook, and i'm pretty sure your other RL friends would leave RIP messages that I would eventually see.