What would you do as Prime Minister, Chancellor, Emperor, President or King?


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Alright this post is going to take some imagination and thinking skills. . It's a good idea to exercise your thinking. It's just like doing aerobics to keep your heart healthy. . Thinking skills keeps your brain sharp. Here's a topic to think about.

Let's suppose you were elected as a Prime Minster, Chancellor, Emperor, President or King depending on where you live.

My question is if you were any of these what kind of things would you want to do with your country now knowing you have some authority to change some of the issues?. .. Imagine yourself being the top elected official of your entire nation wherever you live. . Think about all kinds of issues you would like to improve and change. . . Even try to imagine some of the most impossible things, yet you will try to do something about it anyways. .

Here are some examples . . . you would like to increase or decrease taxes, for a certain reason. Maybe you want to improve transportation such as buses in many areas that don't have them. Maybe you want all senior citizens to have guaranteed health care. Maybe you want kids in school to pass certain tests to be able to graduate high school. Maybe you want to lower the age of drinking to eighteen. Maybe to lower the age of voting to 16. . These are just examples. .

But you can think of all kinds of other issues as well as what you want to do with your country. . Try not to focus too much on the Congress aspect. . Don't think about what they do and what they want. Think about what you want and think about your country. . Be like a defender of your country. . You care about your nation and want to improve it. You'll fight to the end. . Congress or no Congress. You what improvements and changes in your country no matter the cost. .

Name and talk about as many issues as you want. If you only want to talk about 1 or 20 that's fine. You're the ruler of your country. It's all now in your hands to how you want to it. . Keep thinking about issues. What's so important for your fellow national residents including yourself and family?. . Let's what we can come up with.


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So no one has posted to this yet. Maybe it seems to difficult of a post and that's maybe what it seems on the outside. You don't need to memorize or know much. Nothing about vetoes. Nothing about Democrats and Republicans. . this one isn't hard to understand.

If you can't imagine being President then let's imagine being in the Congress room. In this post we don't need to worry about voting. Rather we want to talk about ideas and laws that'll improve our country. I must admit that I only understand US gov.

Topic 1 Let's talk about babies.. All you need to do is think like a parent to handle this issue.

I 'll start with these 2 ideas.

Any woman having a child it will no longer cost one penny (not even the ambulance, medication or anything during labor) Why free? Many women are afraid to have them and raise them. Also this should be a good memory not about a big doctor bill.

For any woman not wanting her child the hospital will make a special room for these babies. A social worker working within the hospital will find homes for these babies. They will find loving and capable parents. Criminal checks will also be done first. Why this? Because I think it's better to have the baby adopted rather then abort it because she can't afford it. Only in rare cases such as extreme deformities, rape and mothers dying in labor can be an exception. Teen girls having babies will have their cases confidential.

Do you agree with this idea? Why? If not Why? Also share your ideas what laws should be taking place for babies in your country. Remember this one last thing an action never occurs from a human when they are awake unless they think or they have an idea which must occur first.


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I think your idea would increase pregnancies. Responsibility and consequences are important. Making it free would create more of a behavior (unwanted pregnancies) because you remove a lot of the downside to getting pregnant.

It will cost a lot more than a penny to someone. So you have all the people who are responsible paying for those who treat pregnancy as a side effect, as something to easily avoid.

If finding homes for unwanted children was easy, there would not be so many abortions.

Also, if you allow abortion for reasons such as rape, you open a can of worms. Either the life is sacred or it isn't. The baby is not guilty of rape, has committed no crime.

Making teen pregnancies easier to get away with is going to mean more teen pregnancies. Parenting is hard work, but the only way to find good parents is for people to have children.

As a man, I find abortion horrible and cannot see agreeing to that - but when it comes down to it, I cannot find a better choice of person to make the decision about the pregnancy than the mother carrying the child. I wouldn't trust the government with my dog.


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Thank you for joining this discussion,. you're right about the abortion. A woman shouldn't do so for any reason . . but I was more concerned about extreme deformity such as having no arms and legs. Being not able to walk or have any arms. Just to lay there all day with never having any limbs. Another case is a woman who's losing too much blood could end up dying during labor. . . to save her life.

My post is really about preventing abortion anyways. I'll tel you why I posted these ideas. . Just because they'd do it free doesn't mean people will do it more or less. . It may seem so on the surface. For example: Immigrants from Mexico and South America usually have lots of children 3 or more. . Even here in America they still do the same thing. It's yet more expensive to live here. . So if it costs money to go to the hospital it has not prevented these Spanish women from wanting to have a large family. Spanish people often populate quicker than many other races in America which is why they're now the number two and will become the number one most populated people in America. Money's no factor for them.

Also remember the American Indians had no hospitals. Did the American overpopulate the US? No, they only make up 2-3 % . Well some Europeans in old times wanted large families b/c they would be workers. Such is the case with my Grampa. Grampa is one of 6 sons. His father hit him in the face when he did wrong. But his father owned an Italian shoe shop. Why hire others when you have sons? They all worked in the shoe shop at any given time. What did his father do? Grampa said he would take off most of the day, spend the money made at the shop and have fun. Grampa said he was also greedy. Today we live in modern technology so there's no reason to have large families. The Europeans and the Spanish were taught differently about family and raising them including how many children should one have. .

The reason why I said free is because I want to prevent abortion. . You see a woman gets scared because she knows she's going to get a big hospital bill. A bill she may even have trouble paying back especially if she lives in the poor inner city. . So she gets scared and instead she goes to the abortion clinic cause she won't even be able to afford even giving birth to the child . Does that mean she and her significant other will have more children because it's free?. . Not necessarily. For true parents need to look in the long run about raising a child and how much it costs to raise a child at home.

My ideas is just for a one day break. Now consider history of the past there were time and places that a woman could not even get to a doctor. They didn't have cars. Some not even a horse. . They had to have a baby at home. Some women had maid servants to help them in labor. . What then does paying money have anything to do with birth when history shows money wasn't needed to be paid. . I consider birth a natural process. There's no preventing the baby from being born,.. .. hey this is not the Golden Gate Bridge. Pass the gate and pay up. But this is your baby entering this world. You are a new person. It's a day to celebrate and have joy. .

But America is always charging for everything. Money's always an issue here. Air use to be for free at the gas stations. . They still make lots of money. Now they charge for air. . Maria talked to this one lady doctor for just 10 or 15 minutes. . The woman charges her insurance $150. just for talking with no testing at all. . That's America. It's all $$$.. . Not only that I've been told that American hospitals and doctors usually cost more than Canada. Canada has many people covered on their own health insurance. America will not do what Canada does. Because our government wants money even more than Canada. That doesn't mean Canada is cheap. But I think their insurance plan is better than ours.

Last I don't think any of these babies we have need to be aborted in the adoption part of the hospital. I have read that there's more parents that want to adopt babies and young children much more than babies that adoption agencies have. Or to say there are more people wanting to adopt a baby than babies wanted to be adopted. In that case I think giving them for lower cost for adoption would be a good idea because this also prevents abortion . .

If a woman can believe that her child can be adopted instead of being aborted she'd be more wiling to have the baby. Knowing she doesn't have to find the baby adoptive. And remember most women want to keep their baby. So those wanting to give up their baby isn't as high as we think. She will be less likely to want to abort her child . . See to me it's all about saving the baby's life first. And there are tons of parent waiting now all over the country to adopt a baby they always want to have. Some women don't want to get pregnant in the first place.. So adoption's a good idea. There would be criminal and also drug screening. . Also application and testing to see if they're true fitting parents for the child. . So it's not like any guy off the street can get one.

So my points are. Giving birth in history never needed money. Only America wants money. It should be a day of happiness. . . that women shouldn't be scared to give birth in fear of not affording to do this.

There are lots and lots of people that want to adopt babies and young children as they don't prefer the wife to be pregnant but would rather adopt instead.


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1) Eliminate the Fed
2) Push for stronger border protection
3) Lower all taxes and make those rates permanent
4) Push for eliminating almost all foreign aid. If your economy is a mess, fix it yourself. The United States isn't the world's bank
5) Pull us out of the UN and kick the UN out of the United States. Go meet and accomplish nothing but more schemes of corruption somewhere else.


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Ok Capt. Now when you say FED are you talking about the FBI? If so why would you want to eliminate them?


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End birthright citizenship, one parent would have to be a citizen for the baby to get citizenship. That would take care of birth tourism.
Stronger border enforcement and that would include overstayed visas. End chain migration and make voter ID and eVerify mandatory.

Stop passing out so much money to foreign countries, especially those that hate us. Our own infrastructure is a mess.

I think its time for the UN to go also.

I think all citizens deserve healthcare. I would extend some form of medicaid to the working poor. Maybe just for doctor visits, medicine and basic tests. Don't need a segment of your society not going to the doctor when sick. Never know when a new contagious disease will pop up.

I would also do things to encourage citizens to go into science and tech fields then start lowering the number of work visas handed out.


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Real good points Highlander.. You're right why would we or are we giving money to other countries that don't even like us?..
This country is in a financial mess as it is that we're giving it to someone to probably only make them richer and probably don't even need it.


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Real good points Highlander.. You're right why would we or are we giving money to other countries that don't even like us?..
This country is in a financial mess as it is that we're giving it to someone to probably only make them richer and probably don't even need it.
Often the money we give to other countries isn't spent like it should be.