What would these guys really be averaging?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by TheSportsGuy, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. TheSportsGuy

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    We all know that the NBA's rules have shifted in the scoring wing's favor...guys are scoring more than ever before because they are getting to the FT line. These rules have bloated a lot of these players...made them seem better than they really are...Michael Redd for instance would probably be averaging 22 or so PPG without the rules changes...defenders would be able to keep him in front easier and he wouldn't be going to the line as much....

    Do you guys think these guys would be averaging as many points without the rules?

    Gilbert Arenas
    Carmelo Anthony
    LeBron James
    Michael Redd
    Joe Johnson
    Dwyane Wade

    I don't think it would be that much of a difference...maybe 3 or 4 a game. I honestly don't like the new rules...just called way to tightly...I say let 'em play.

  2. Kidd

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    Question. What specific rules would be taken away? Handchecks? Now that they don't have handchecks, a player gets called on a foul if he simply touches the other player. That's really stupid. This is a man's game and it should more physical. Not like football but guys like Wade always get to the free throw line.
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    All those players you have mentioned are great basketball players, and can score in so many ways, so even if the rules would be taken away, then they would still be able to average 25+ points per game. Not all officials call a tight game, a lot of the veterans officials do let them play and they still score over 25 points a game, so I don't think it has so much effect on these players.

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