What Would Jenny Do?


rainbow 11!
It's a hilarious blog where a character from The L Word answers letters. She's hilariously sarcastic and is just amazing.

You should seriously read it.

Dear Jenny,
I'm having this big problem with my mom and I need some advice. I told her last month that I'm a lesbian and now she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. We used to be close but she kind of freaked out because she had no idea and she started crying and stuff. We used to talk on the phone every other day but now she won't pick up the phone anymore. Last time we talked she said I runed her life and that I was going to burn in hell. I don't beleave that and I'm really happy, I have a new girlfriend who was the reason I wanted to tell my mom, because I wanted her to know and I thought she might be happy for me too. But now I'm so confused. I love my mom and miss talking to her. But I guess it's not fair for her to do this to me, because I didn't do anything wrong, just happened to fall in love with a girl, so what? But even though I know I'm right that it doesn't help all that much because I just want me and my mom to be friends again. Because I really miss her a lot. Jenny, it doesn't seem fair that just when I'm so happy, just when I get a new girlfriend who's really great than all of a sudden my mom won't speak to me anymore. Why can't she just accept it and love me for who I am? I really hope you can help me Jenny because I don't know who else to ask.
Want My Mom to Love Me
Dear Sweet Young Semi-Literate Lezzie Girl,
Listen, I would really love to help you, but I only answer letters written in a particular style. You need some paragraph breaks, honey, and to get acquainted with our dear friend Mr. Spell-check. But I decided to go ahead and print your cry for help anyway, because apparently we have some readers out there desperately clamoring for unedited, hard-to-read letters.
(PS, to the complainers: Are you happy now? I hope the answer is yes, so you can get back to saving the dolphins, or volunteering for Hillary Clinton, or whatever the fuck more worthy thing you were doing before spending valuable time ranting against… um… paragraphs. Oh, my. That does sound silly, doesn't it?)
(Oh, don't get your feelings hurt, for god's sake. I am The Jenny. I am all about the tough love. End paragraph.)
Okay, back to you, our sad little puppy missing her bitch mom. Let me give you some advice, because that's what I get paid the equivalent of a box of Junior Mints every Thursday to do.
You want your mom to love you, but maybe she won't anymore because you're a big ol' lezzie. But you have alternatives, of course. Why not get yourself a nice, warm, loving mother substitute? Say, your cleaning lady, or maybe your therapist?
That's what healthy people do: they create false constructs to help them escape reality. Eventually, you'll get so good at this you won't remember what's real and what isn't. Then you can write a book about your alternative reality -- something like, say, Lez Girls! -- and then you'll become a rich, famous diva writer. And then can cut your hair like mine, and then… oh, wait. I'm confusing things again.
Anyway, whatever. Your mom will come around. Or maybe she won't. You can count on that.
Happy valentine's day!
Tough Love Jenny

That's the latest one. Read it and tell me how much you love Jenny as well. :D

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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Was she subtly accusing "Jenny" of being a liar and just trying to get into the publication?

If not, Jenny's mom is a bitch and just needs to accept her.