What would happen to Gohan or what would Gohan look like.....?

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  1. What would happen Ultimate Gohan if he went Super Saiyan or what would he even looklike if he went Super Saiyan? This question has puzzled me for a while, would Ultimats Gohan look like a normal SS or would he look completely different?

    Heres what I think Gohan's arua would be a cross between Super Saiyan Grade3(full power) and Full Power Super Saiyan, surrounding his body with gold lightning, lightning shooting down from the sky his eey-ball would dissappear.

    Tell me what do you think what would happen or what would he look like and how do you guys think this would happen... your thoughts?

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    It's hard to say what we think because we all know it's not possible for him to tunred super saiyan, and if he did he would be extremly strong I think no one could defeat him, he would be indestructable.
  3. Gohan cannot go Super Sayian in his Mystic form, the Old Kai even pointed this out. He told him to do that thing he does to get blonde hair, which is SSJ, and when Gohan tried to nothing happened, other then him just powering up a huge amount. So Gohan cannot go SSJ while having his Mystic form, which does not go away.
  4. Well Piccolo show me where the actual words come out of Old Kai's mouth that Ultimate Gohan cannot go SS anymore at all!

    Even though the old-man says do that SS thing he does doesn't mean if Gohan were to master his Ultimate power, he couldn't go SS.
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    Oh I am sure that Mysic Gohan cannot go super saiyan because if he could then he would of done it a long time ago, because if he has trouble fighting someone and then tries to become super saiyan, he wouldn't be able to achieve even how hard he powers up, I agree with Piccolo on this one.

  6. http://www.nfsupreme.com/hostees/dr...Ball & DBZ Manga/volume41/Db41ch11/411104.gif
    ^ There you go, start from that slide and go on, and there is exactly what I just said, thus proving me right.
  7. So Old Kai actualy says "You cannot go Super Saiyan anymore even after you master the form" Prove it!
  8. He does not have to say that, your acting like a two year old. Old Kai simply tells Gohan to go SSJ, and Gohan cant anymore because his Mystic form makes SSJ obsolete, it is REALLY not that hard to understand. Mystic form is superior to any SSJ form, because it does not require energy in order to transform, thus when Gohan tries to go SSJ he cant.
  9. I am not acting like a two year old, I am just aggrivated with people try to make their own info by part of somthing that is stated. You see Old Kai only says do that SS thing, but Old Kai never EVER says SS is obsolete and until AT says it then it's just spectulation.
  10. It seems quite obvious from the manga that SSJ is obsolete.

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