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What would change in DBZ?

  • Thread starter kajin_phoenixlord
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I've always had this though in the back of my mind of what I would do to make some of the situations a little different. Ijust want to hear from you guys of what would you change in some of the sagas to make it better. The only thing I would change is Gohan turning into a book nerd.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's a good one, I would make Goku not such a softy towards Chi Chi because each times he comes to the house she boses him around, and forces him not to train with Gohan.


Ms. Malone
Lol, i'd make Krillin taller, just to see what he would look like with really long hair too XD


I think getting rid of the geekiness factor! Gohan should never have become Saiyaman...that even embarassed me to watch it! He should have been the son of Vegeta and seen how he turned out...definetly he wouldn't be a geek!


make raditz win the fight against goku in the first episode or w/e it is. haha then it would be all about him


The Super Pimp of GF
I would make Bardock be wished back to life! and Vegito not defused

SS3 Trishendo

I think if they made all the sayians go up to at least ss7 A!

SSJ Squirm

What I would change?  EVERYTHING after DBZ. Honest, swear to God.  DBGT should have never been made.  In fact on www.animedd.com I made a fan fic of what happened after DBZ with the Z characters and while I did borrow a little of it from DBGT (please forgive me), it made for a truly great fanfic.  Specifically, with DBGT, Goku turning into a child is crap.  DB did kid Goku right.  DBGT crapped on him.  It's kind of a disgusting thought of an aging Chi Chi being married to a child.  And then AND THEN even bigger crap, when he does do something cool like turn SSJ4 (the only cool thing about GT) he automatically turns into an adult. W... T... F...  So let's sum up GT... you have Goku, Trunks and Pan travelling the universe for the evil dragon balls, gets into fights with weak villians and gets beat up by them half the time.  They finally get passed all this crap and you get the baby stuff, super 17 stuff and the evil dragons.  All of which COULD have been good, but due to the crappy set up, it's like giving someone a decent meal on a trashcan lid.  Not appealing.

Anonym0uz Bitch

The best fan fic I ever read was "Dark Ki," it was a long long time ago, the guy sadly didnt even finish it.
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