Wii what would be good for the wii


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what ideas for controls, online etc would be good for the wii?

i think if a game used two wiimotes instead of a wiimote and nuchuck could be good.

some people say it's bad that the wii only has 1 control/analogue stick, but if it had 2 then the great control scheme for red steel and metroid prime would have never happened, because it wouldn't have been needed


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Neds moar inovative controls.

Seriously, you look at the old trailers showing these people swinging the hell out of both the wii remote and the nunchuk adapter, then look at how it's used in the majority of games made so far and...

Also needs a better sword related game than Red Steel. More free-form sword swinging needed, it could work if done right.


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Basically what Storm said.

I want to see a game that puts the controls to some major use, perhaps a game like Red Steel but Star Wars with light saber duels but also first person gun controls. Red Steel got the idea right, it just wasn't a great game.


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we need to give a bit more time, the controls are the first of its kind so developers need time to work through the new schematics before the innovation comes. i'd expect some real innovation by mid-year now that developers are working with the development software.


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I remember when the Wii came out Lucas said that there'd never be a Wii lightsaber game. Then he realized just how much money he would make.

I want to see a Dynasty Warriors on the Wii.


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I just want devs to actually spend some time on a gme for wii, instead of crappy PS2 ports with waggle...

really, I want some games with more pointer/tilt functionality. Just look at Galaxy, or MP3

And another thing, if devs spent time on there titles like Nintendo does, we wouldnt be inundaed with this crap (but then every console that is on the top gets some crap games)


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the force unleashed is just a port of the others with a little extra.

i remember when the wii came out lucas said that he really wanted to release a wii game.

a lot of people got annoyed at stupid swinging when not nessesary so games were made simpler.


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The main thing I'm afraid of when I see releases on the Wii is if they just simply swap the button mashing for remote shaking. To steal/borrow/quote from Yahtzee, it reminds me of the joystick waggling from older systems.


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i think waggling is more involved and gets you more involved than just mashing buttons. one step closer to a virtual gaming system.