What Words Do You Consider 'Racist'?


Ms. Malone
I was reading a book the other day and two characters (cops) were having a discussion about the codes that they use to identify races; now one character excessively used the word 'Paki', which is 'racist' in England, but he argued that it's not because it's short for Pakistanian like 'Brit' is short British. I agree with him.

My arguement is that words like 'Paki' and even 'N*gger' are only racist when the person it's been said to suits them. Pakistanians are quite happy to call themselves and their friends 'Paki' but when a white person says it it's 'racist'. Same goes for N*gger.

So i would like to know what terms you know that are considered racist and wheather you agree that it is or not.
I'm half tempted to say if you can say "damn _____" it has a good chance of being racist.

This is more of a contextual definition than one that relies on the word itself though.


Certified Shitlord
No words are "racist" so to say.

They are as racist as the motives of the people using them or the idiots interpreting them.


Undead Intellectual
I agree with Merc. There's no such thing as a "racist word". It's only racist by how it's said and the intent behind it.

Like I've said before, it's only a racist word because we make it a word. A table is only a table because we all agree than it's a table.


e̳̳̺͕ͬ̓̑̂ͮͦͣ͒͒h̙ͦ̔͂?̅̂ ̾͗̑
Just as a swastika can be either a Nazi or Hindu symbol (depending on how it's turned), a normally racist term can be used in a not-so-racist context. Nevertheless, just as you probably shouldn't wear a swastika of any sort around America or Europe, you probably shouldn't use racist terms in settings where they're going to piss people off.



Musician of the B.W.
i kinda consider it racist when u walk into bojangles when they mess up ur order and you get ur order and just to try u tell them that u should get a free biscuit for ur trouble and they answer u rudely no and the turn around and say "goddamn white people". it happened to my friend today as we went to go get breakfast and i must say i laughed my ass off.


A Darker Knight
I think all the good responses have been said already.

What I usually notice is the tone of voice. I found that racism is often implied when a person accents or targets a word at a specific person or crowd.
The exception would be when someone is joking.


Racism is a MUCH more pervasive problem in this country than most American whites will admit. It's the subject of a great deal of research and discussion world-wide, at other universities.

I've lived in university towns my whole adult life, so I've seen some self-righteous crusaders call people "racists" over nothing, and I've seen it happen several times. But for every such idiotic accusation over a non-instances of racism, I've seen 20 to 50 others where somebody said or did something gobsmackingly, jawdroppingly racist, then had the unbridled gault to get offended uppon being called a "racist," lashing back by calling the other person "politically correct."

Until this country owns up to the pervasiveness and intensity of its racism--present, as well as past--we shall be guaranteeing our march into civilization's abyss.

I've mentioned at another site the sickening things I've heard fellow white sports fans say when we're "alone" and it's "safe." My late friend would refer to Michael Ching Chang, Daunte Blackpepper, Sammy So-Spic, Donovan McNig, and--in a revelation that he hated female athletes most of all, the Korean golfer C--- Pak. Our mutual friends thought it was hilarious. So do the vast majority of sports fans I know.

A lot of us, and I mean a really big lot of us, have evolved enormously on race bias in the past 40 years, with a lesser but significant number of us advancing on gender equity issues. at I call "putting women down on a pedestal, an expression any seasoned female feminist will grasp in a nanosecond.

There's been virtually no non-token advances in the war to get the American public to accept that while 90% of us are incurably hetero, the other 10% just as incurably homosexual. That's always been true; always will be, and they've got as much right to enjoy life's greatest pleasure, like a physically and emotionally intimate love, as any straight person.

But a bunch of so-called "Christians," who belong to 0% of the any of the many Protestant branches of Christianity that existed in my youth, and who just as sure aren't Catholics, tell us that Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or their own ability to read between the lines of the Bibles like old Beatles freaks trying to decipher Lennon's lyrics in "I Am the Walrus," and who can spead for god. You're asked to disregard Christ's oft-stated condemnation of judgmentalism, because he gave unstated exemptions to certain "Christian" oppressors who won't be happy until gays are back to "The Children's Hour," and women are back to "Leave it to Beaver."

Y'all have every right to your own vision of Christianity, even if it's not one of the traditional Porotestant groups. But you have NO right to oppress, punish and religiously condemn people for loving the consenting adults they want to love... any more than they'd have a right to punish me for loving women, or you for loving your opposite sex.