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What will you be doing next Friday?


aka ginger warlock
So some youngsters related to a family that bares my surname are getting married this Friday. Now I am not against the wedding, if people want to watch it be very patriotic etc good for them. But for those in Britain who don't really care how do you intend to spend you day off? It does look like nice weather is on the cards so I think meeting people I know in the park is the plan to drink. Anyone else got anything organized?


Where is my Queen?
Been to 2 weddings this year alone and hopefully you will have some fun at the reception. But to answer your question, yes I am organizing a crawfish boil this Friday. Gonna get a keg to go alongside with it. I won't be drinking to heavily though, got 4 test and a batch file that I have to write for school on Saturday and Sunday.


Registered Member
I will be having a normal Friday, 11 hour shift. I don't see any reason to spend it any differently.


Registered Member
I hate weddings if i have to go. Its only getting cleaned up and wearing a suit and waiting and waiting. Only part i like is the cake and stuff.
Were going to have a picnic at the lake and maybe go swimming too! =D That's a ton more fun than weddings imo.


Where is my Queen?
Yeah, weddings are over rated, it is something I don't dream about unlike women. Women like to go all out, invite all there friends, set up decorations, pick out a cake etc., etc. The only the thing that a real man wants if he truly loves her is for her to say 'I do'.


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I will be heading to Disney World with my son. It's his first time and he has NOOOO idea we are going.


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I'll be in the library, partially to get my work done, partially to avoid the wedding overkill.