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What white Americans should know


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What white people should know:

YouTube - What every white person should know

While I don't agree with everything he says, there is something here. Race relations are worsening with the divider-in-chief in office and this guy has something to say about it. What do you think about Rev. Manning and his words?


Hell, It's about time!
It's group identity politics.

It basically comes down to this... white privilege is a mythical advantage attributed by progressives to white people to explain away the social and economic failure of minority group politics. As he said, God forbid anyone point that out...
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I think this is a much deeper issue and goes well beyond politics. Living in SE Michigan and working in Detroit, Flint, & Pontiac I can assure you that the Rev's words ring true. White people are not allowed to say ANYTHING negative about blacks and if they do so in the presence of blacks they should be prepared to be ATTACKED!
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There's truth in what he says. But you have to ask yourself how much would it really help if we lifted political correctness?

After the murder of Van Gogh and the ensuing breakdown of the 'left church' it was no longer a faux-pas to talk down on muslims and many people did, including many famous Dutchmen. But 6 years later one can only come to the conclusion that it hasn't helped anything in bringing us any closer.. in bridging the gap between natives and newcomers. We've established what the issues are, the things that bother us about one another, but change is a different thing.
You would say such things can only happen over a longer timeperiod, but when you look at the situation in the US there isn't much reason for positiveness. Society will always be divided in groups, whether they be ethnic, religious, topographical or materialistic. It's part of human nature to categorize, to set himself (and his brothers) apart from others who are different in one way or another.

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This is well beyond political correctness. It is the use of race to drive a wedge between Americans. It is just another us vs. them where one group supposedly holds the high moral ground but participates in and perpetuates racism. As if black people can not be racist and whites are predisposed toward racism.


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I agree with his general premise. But if you're going to be honest about it, you have to make sure you have your facts straight. You can cite statistics about race. The stats are factual; just make sure that you're interpretation of those statistics is based in reality.

Bjarki - we're not advocating anyone be able to talk down on anyone; just to be able to be honest.

The fact is, there are still racist people, and there are still people who aren't particularly racist, but who won't be afraid to make racist comments if it suddenly becomes kosher to say whatever about other groups of people. It becomes especially common among teens and young adults who hang around other people who make offensive comments and don't think about what they're saying.