What were the big trends during your Freshmen year in High School?


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I was chatting with a few old High school friends last night and we go on the subject of trends that were big when we were freshmen in high school.

For me the big trends of my Freshmen year were:BTW my freshman year was 1988.

Tilt Bed Mini trucks
Convertible lowered mini trucks
Fedora hats w/ Metal bands logos on them
Jean Jackets w/back patches and Band patches all over it
Shredded Jeans with spandex or union jack shorts on underneath them
Guys with long hair and earrings (I was one of the first guys at my High School to have a pierced ear)
Snake Skin Boots
Concert Tour shirts
Sleeveless cut down the sided tour shirts

Those are just a few of the things that were big trends when I was a freshmen in High School.

So what was the big trend when you were a freshmen?


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My freshman year in HS was 1999.

I don't really remember what the "big trends" were. I think sometime around then, teens started saying things were "Da bomb". Also, many people were wearing pants that were 10 sizes too big.

There were other trends that I don't remember, and I'm sure there were many that I was oblivious about.
If I remember correctly, it was the stuff that is still popular amongst college frat boys currently. Abercrombie/American Eagle/etc clothes, those bead necklace things, somewhat baggy pants. I didn't really pay much attention to fads though, so I could be a bit off.


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This is pretty bad. My freshman year was only 2006 and I can't remember. I went to a small school and I remember a lot of stupid music was popular.