What weapons do you prefer when you play a game

What weapons do you prefer when you play a game? There creative weapons such as in Ratchet & Clank, swords and daggers in RPG games and guns in action games. If you had to pick a weapon for a particular genre what would it be?

Action - I always enjoyed the shotgun in action games. It's so powerful it tends to take out the target with one blow. Plus, it has a great sound that gives me the shakes.

RPG - Most of the RPGs I played ALWAYS force you to use a sword. I'm sick of it! I want something new. If I had the choice, I would gladly go for claws (something like Wolverine from X-Men). Stab, stab, bleed, stab, win. :curse:

Adventure - I love using Bows N' Arrows. Ranged attacks = fun. :fiery:

What do you prefer in games?
I love future tech weapons. Beams of death firing across. Especially if they have overheating replacing ammo requirement. My single most favourite is the Sniper Rifle though. I'll use it on anything in sight. It just always works and always feels fun. Few things more satisfying to me than a ranged head shot!

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I like medium ranged high power attack weapons, along the lines of heavy machine guns, RPGs, lightning bolt hands.

If its close combat I like powerful slow weapons: battle axes, hammers shotguns, magnums etc


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Action: For modern day games, assault rifles with a medium to long range. I can use them to pick off targets at a distance with single shots, then switch to bursts when they get closer. Fantasy, you can't go wrong with an axe.

RPG: Fantasy, I generally prefer sneaky characters (even if I do balls them up), so short swords and daggers come into play here. Occationaly crossbows and shortbows. Modern day, anything I can get my hands on, usually illegal pistols & SMGs.

Huh...well I was going to put something for adventure, when I realised that the majority of adventure games I've played are point and click adventures, and the last adventure game I played was Psychonauts, so that kinda fails in the weapons department...
Sniper rifle
Sniper rifle
Sniper rifle
Sni.....get it? :)
My single most favourite is the Sniper Rifle though.
I love the Sniper Rifle in Unreal Tournament. You can get in a good location, zoom in and BAM a fantastic headshot. Very fulfilling if you want to be safe while contributing to the team. It's also great in GTA where you go on the roof and kill innocents. :rofl: - Good times.


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Action: Would definitely be Dual Wield Pistols. They have a very small blind spot

RPGs: Well I have always ben a fan of dual wielding anything, There is a game called Jade EMpire where you can dual wield staffs, and swords. I like dual wielding Broadswords

Adventure: Adventure is kind of a mixed bag. It really depends on the type of adventure. I would probably go with a whip with shape edges on the tip of it.


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I like mid-long range weapons that require precise aiming, like the pistol and sniper rifle from Halo:CE.

Some of the classic Zelda weapons are fun too, like the sword, bow and arrows, boomerang, etc.