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What was your most played role in MMORPG games?


I know that we all experimented with different classes and whatnot, but for the most part some of us keep getting dragged back into the class we're most comfortable with. What was yours? The mage? The tank? The support?

For me, I kept getting dragged back into support magic: Shaman class in EverQuest if you were wondering. It was always the safe bet for me considering it had all the spells I needed to flee, have fun with and to be an asset to the team. I tried playing a tank once and that didn't work out to well. The Clerics/healers never did their job properly and I either ended up running away or dying... I always got the typical response of "Oops, I wasn't paying attention." That doesn't cut it for me. :fiery:

What about you? What was your typical role?