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What Was Your First Video Game?


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Alright I had a thread just like this back in early 2008 but the thread is closed and the majority of the member base has changed since we last had that thread, so I figured that I'd make a new one.

So here goes, we're looking for the console and the game that you had first (let's just hope that your first game is for your first console :lol:)

My very first game was on the Sega Genesis, I really lucked out because my first game was actually 3 games. I had the Sonic the Hedgehog collection which included Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

I love all three of those games so much (they're all older than I am :lol:)

In 1996 (or 95 I can't remember) we got our first Nintendo 64, that's at the very far reaches of my earlier memories along with the Sega Genesis.

I'm very much a younger generation gamer, the NES, SNES, Atari, and all that stuff is much older than I am (though I have a SNES).

I must say that even today these games are very enjoyable for me to play, just a few weeks ago I was playing them again for the first time in a long while.

What about all of you? What was your very first video game?
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blue 3
My first system was the Super Nintendo so the first game I had was Super Mario Bro's. First game I ever played though was Qbert.


AKA Ass-Bandit
System was the Commodore 64, and the game was either Exterminator, or some game I can't remember or track down where you played as a pirate looking for treasure in a forest maze.


For a Free Scotland
First system, if we disregard the personal computer, was the Game Boy Color. First game was Pokémon Blue.

Early games I played on the Mac were Manhole, Cosmic Osmo, and Command and Conquer: Tiberium Dawn.


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My first system was the Super Nintendo and my first game was Killer Instinct. I loved that game.


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I think mine was Wolfenstein 3D...me and my brother had to wait about half an hour after school to be picked up and we would play this on the school comp. Either that or pacman. The next game I remember playing a lot of was Crash Team Racing and one of the first Gran Turismos.


Better Call Saul
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It was Super Mario Brothers I for the original Nintendo.

I remember we got the console for Christmas and that game came with it.


aka ginger warlock
I can't remember any of the titles but the first games I would have played were on my ZX Spectrum, fun times, in those days it took twenty minutes to load a game, but if you told kids that now the wouldn't believe you :lol:

My first proper console game would have been I think a side scrolling Robocop game for the original Game Boy (I miss that), it wasn't anything complex but I remember being addicted, that and Paperboy...


Sultan of Swat
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Like Millz, the first game I've ever played was Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo. I loved the game as a kid, and I could easily go back and play it again and love it just as much. All those first three Mario games on the Nintendo are awesome to play.

I also played Duck Hunt at that time too. Great game.