What was your first avatar?


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As many of you know my username actually originated from an N64 game called Perfect Dark, though I am a huge fan of Donkey Kong games I couldn't think of a username that sounded good that went with Donkey Kong in any way so I went with another of my favorites, Perfect Dark.

I actually had a pretty good first avatar though it wouldn't work now since it is too small because it is from before avatars could be bigger.

here's the original

heres a more recent modified edition

have fun!
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I think I still have it lying around.. here:

It was that, just sans the animation. In fact, the was animation done by one of the members of the forum I had been using.


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I have no idea what my first avatar here was, but I used a picture I took during a hike in Utah for a long time.


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My first avatar was of Demon Eyes Kyo standing while his hair was flying in the air. I know I have it around someplace and when I do find it I shall post it!

That was back when I actually used tags and avies that represented my name heh.