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What Was Your Favorite PE activity?


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Back in Elementary and Intermediate School, my favorite P.E. activity was dodge ball (nicknamed "Mouse":lol: in Intermediate School). What was fun about it was running back the other way once most of the opponents gained a ball and tried to get all of us out. The only to get the person out was to either hit them or successfully catch the ball after it's thrown.

In High School, basketball was definitely my sport.


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Dodge ball and volley ball was my favorite two games. I think the reason I liked dodge ball so much it gave me a chance to throw something at someone I didn't like.lol

I didn't care much for basket ball but I always seemed to get forced into playing. I was good at it just didn't like to play it. I think part of the reason the coaches wanted me to play was because I was one of the taller girls.


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Dodgeball as well! Absolutely loved it because I was good at it, I was always one of the last two or three standing.

I also loved cricket too, it was so much fun!


aka ginger warlock
I can honestly say PE for me was one of the worst things about Secondary School second to none, I hated it. I was never very good at Football or Rugby and basically those were the only sports we had to play, nothing else for guys was on the agenda so if you were not good at either you were basically screwed. I always remember playing Football in school and once being told by a teacher that me and five others were no longer allowed to play with the main team because we were so bad, we were happy as we didn't want to play anyway but this made the teacher madder in a stereotypical high school coach "YOU GOT NO SPIRIT! YOU GOT NO GAME SON! YOU ARE A DISGRACE!!" etc etc, I remember spending a lot of time dreading PE lessons in school.


Sally Twit
I always loved Rounders. It was a lot of fun, even if I was terrible at it. Each week I'd try my best to improve my speed and co-ordination, but I'd fail miserably. I guess half the fun was the fact it wasn't taken seriously.


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PE was a lot of fun for me (it was run by the wrestling coaches and they loved me). We did activities such as soccer, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, team handball, kickball, softball, and even weight lifting.

The two that really stood out as amazing to me were volleyball and dodgeball. I don't want to sound cocky but you didn't want me on the other team if you were playing either of these game.

I also particularly enjoyed badminton and ultimate frisbee.

Overall I loved PE. :)


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My favorite activity was floor hockey. I was really good and it was always a lot of fun, especially in high school when some of my classes were full of kids who were competitive like I am.

My other favorite was probably badminton. I just remember having some really competitive matches. The kids who played tennis were always the best badminton players in the class, but my partner and I were usually one of the top 2 or 3 teams.


It's not me, it's you.
I hated P.E.

The only thing I liked was kickball and badminton.


Definitely floor hockey. I was excellent at it. Nothing else we did in that "class" was half as fun.


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Kickball and Dodgeball, easily. I loved PE, I was never the best at anything (although I had a killer leg for Kickball) but I loved it because it got me up and moving and out of class.