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What was your Favorite Math Class?


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Up until grade 7, I took regular mathematics. In grade 8, I took algebra, the first kind of different mathematics. It was a rough start:-/, but eventually got the grade I wanted in the end:D. Come my first year of high school, I took geometry. Sure it was another different type of mathematics but I enjoyed it a lot more than the first algebra class:lol:. In my second year of high school, I took Algebra 2 and was really good at it:D! In my last two years of high school I took two different calculus classes: Pre-cal in 11th and regular calculus in 12th.

If I had to choose between these different math classes, I would choose calculus, because it gives me a chance to think and solve problems that I thought I'd never solve!


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My favorite math class was 7th grade pre-algebra with Mr. J.

This guy brought in donuts, gave out extra credit where appropriate, knew how to teach, was in the army, and most importantly he rode a very nice Harley Davidson.

I really appreciated that this guy really loved what he did and helped students as much as they wanted help. There were some nights where he would literally stay until 8 at night to teach us math (school got out at 3).

For whatever reason I use Mr. J as my alias in Super Smash Bros games. :lol:


Sally Twit
I don't have a favourite. I hated maths in school and I still hate it today. I am absolutely useless at the subject and struggled to take most of in during my school years.


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Maths has always been my least favourite subject! I can just about add up and do multiplication, as long as I have a pen and paper. I finally got a brilliant teacher who made me understand it in my last year at school, final grade was a D, but I took it again a year later and got a B (I still think it was a fluke though).


still nobody's bitch
I was never very good at math, hated all through school, then when I had to take a math class to get my bachelor's, I freaked. The first couple of days of class, I was convinced I was going to fail. Turns out I actually had fun once it made sense. I think it was algebra for science majors. Then I took statistics both at the undergrad and graduate level, and both were fun. Yes I said fun.

Not that I'd want to do it again, but it wasn't painful at all.


It's not me, it's you.
Math wasn't my favorite subject. I wasn't bad at it, but I didn't really like doing it. Incidentally, I have to do quite a bit more math than I want at my job. Thankfully it's not the kind of math I don't get easily.

My favorite math subject was probably Geometry, though. I understood it more than my classmates and made top grades out of everyone in my class. I even tutored some of my peers. Made me feel important and smart.


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I've always been good at math and enjoyed most of my math classes in school. It's the language of the universe. It's found everywhere in nature and can be used to explain everything.

One of the things I liked about math more than other subject in school is that the answers are typically either right or wrong. There's no subjectivity like there is with other classes. You can double check your answers and know for sure that they're correct. And the teacher's opinion of you and your work does not factor in at all.

That said, my favorite math class was probably geometry. I like working with shapes and enjoyed figuring out proofs and everything.


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Never good at math either, but algebra was my favorite mainly because it was like solving a puzzle which helped me perform better. Every other math class I took was an awful experience. I just don't have the mind for it.


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I was never very good at math. The classes were always hard for me and it took a lot of work for me to keep up with my classmates. Given my struggles it's no shock that Discrete Mathematics was my favorite course. It deals less with numbers and more with logic.


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I took discrete mathematics in college myself and nearly made an A in it. I took business logistics and made an A in it for real as well as Analytical mathematics.