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What Was Your Favorite Job?


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This can be your current or a previous job, but not one you WANT to have but don't :)

Personally, my favorite job was working developing the material for some online courses for a nursing curriculum. It was a few years back, so we were just experimenting with streaming video, etc. I recorded a lot of snippets of material for students to click on and listen to, so even now, I know my whiney voice is being heard by thousands of people striving to learn the difference between venous and arterial blood.

Sad but true, I was laid off from my favorite job. The only time I've ever been laid off (or fired).
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So far, it would have to be interating with people here on the forums. It's not paid, but I do still enjoy my "job".

In real life, probably Wal-Mart or Taco Bell (I'm not out of college yet). I've had fun with my friends there and have had memories that will definately stick with me.


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Favorite job? Working at Totally Wireless. I did basicly nothing, and made roughly 500-800 a week. I sold cell phones and installed surveillance camera's. And drank on the job? What more could you want?!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh now that's easy one..Working R&D for Hasbro's toy and action figure division.

Man I loved that job.


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Before the kid came along....ok I was working then big time....but before that...ok I was working then too.....but for awhile there I was a "kept woman" Wouldn't call it a "Homemaker" as I rarely "kept the home" :lol: I played most of the day doing what I wanted to do while he brought home the paycheck.

As for real paying jobs? Probably the coorporate travel agent job (my last paying one) that was soooo stressful and turned my hair grey....but I thrived on that one.

Easiest job. Working in a bridal salon sitting in a back room, smoking butts (yeah a long long long time ago) gabbing, and making all the flower stuff for weddings. That was pretty fun too.