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What Was Your Favorite Field Trip


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I have had a lot of field trips during my years of school. And since it's a lot to mention, I'll get right to the point. My favorite field trip of all is the Galveston County Rodeo in Hitchcock in the Spring of 1990. That was also the very last field trip of my kindergarten years.

The reason for it was because in addition to the rodeo, there was also a carnival that I didn't know about until after we arrived!:nod:

Let me tell you, that field trip outdid the earlier field trips to the local grocery stores.:zz:


I am the woolrus
None of my schools really did field trips, and when they did most of them were horribly boring. I remember one which was literally walk up the road to see the "mass rock". Which is just a big rock in a field. Then we walked back down the road to school. That's rural Ireland for ya!

We did have one proper field trip in primary school to this touristy renovated old castle though and it was AWESOME. We had a bus rented and I remember antagonising our uber-religious old witch of a teacher one it by passionately singing the hits of the time, 'Sex On The Beach' and 'Discovery Channel'; then we further drove our teachers mad by going missing for a while and coming back with these toy cigarettes that lit up and blew "smoke" (some sort of dust). And finally while on the actual field trippy part we met a bunch of girls from some other school and I snogged a girl for the first time!

When i left for that field trip i was but a young boy, but when i came back I was.... still a boy, but one with a slightly inflated ego! :p


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Oh wow. I don't even remember most of my field trips. I do remember one from High School, when we went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. I wasn't really looking forward to it except as getting out of class, but I enjoyed it. Mostly because Puck was freaking awesome.


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Well, Wade, I mostly took UIL trips to other high schools with my orchestra class. The only real field trip was to AstroWorld in my junior year of high school.


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It was when I was living in Serbia, I remember that day so well, I have the clearest memory of it. It was a trip to the birth town of Vuk Karadzic who invented the Serbian alphabet which is the Cyrillic. We stopped at a monastery first first before heading into the town. We walked into his house and had a look around, it was such a small house with a massive two meter long cross leaning against the wall, it wasn't much then but now when I think of it, it's just a bit weird.


One of my classes in High School once did an excursion to a video game exhibition. It was about the history of video games, and it had hundreds of playable games at the site. That was a pretty fun trip.

I also went on an overseas school trip to France and Russia.


Sally Twit
Museums were always fun. I liked that we were allowed to go off in groups, so long as we all met up again at a certain point. I can't even remember the places I went to now, but I remember feeling excited and interested.


aka ginger warlock
I don't remember many of my field trips (I know, shocker right?) but I do remember going away to France with school, from what I remember it was a good trip but I really don't remember much else.

I also remember going to london in year 12 with school, we went to do things to do with Leisure and Tourism but we basically took it to be a few nights away and the ability to get drunk. I was not involved in what happened and I do not condone it but I remember when we left out room was trashed, someone had headbutted a wall and gone right through, a window got smashed, the curtains had been pulled down and somehow someone broke the lock on the door. We never did admit it and walked out as quickly as possible not making eye contact.


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In Eighth Grade at my grade school, it was a tradition to do a "Mystery Trip" we'd be taken to a bunch of cool places without knowing where it would be, such as mini golf, an ice cream place, etc.

My favorite part of that favorite field trip was that we got a tour of the field at Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals played at the time (we have a new Busch Stadium now). It was my first time down on the field and we got to sit in the players' dugout as well. Great experience. I stole a piece of grass from the field to give to my older brother, who loves baseball. :lol: