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What was your best/worst costume as a kid?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all

With Halloween right around the corner I thought I would ask you all what was your best/worst Halloween costume you had as a kid?

I would have to say the worst costume was the year my mom made me and my brother Ho Bo costumes because she didn't want to spend money on such a foolish thing as Halloween costumes. We looked like crap..

My best Halloween costume I had as a kid was my Swamp thing costume. I made it myself out of a Gillie suit, felt, puff paint,surgical hose, and stilts. (Not to shabby for my first one) and now ever since then I make my own stuff and try to pass on my love of Halloween to my kids.

So how about you, what was your Best/worst costume as a kid?


Son of Liberty
I dunno what my worst was... I remember one year when I was in the phase of I think I'm to old and cool to be doing halloween....but I still sorta want to deep down, that year I didnt dress up much, but I carried around a box that I'd make look like a video camera, I wore a fedora with a cardstock peice of paper that said "press" on it. That costume sucked pretty bad.

Last year I never got to wear it because of personal events right before halloween. But I was damn proud of the costume I made. I'd bought a zombie mask, that I stitched a burlap sack to. Using rust colored spray paint I made what looked like damn good blood stains. The theme was a Zombie Scarecrow type deal. I'm hoping this year I'll either get the chance to wear that one or just come up with something else.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It's not really Halloween, but one time I had to dress up as an angel and I had this fake wings made of cardboard and cotton. For some reason the cotton started to fall off as I paraded leaving a trail of cotton behind me. It was embarrassing.


The Original Kiwi
My best was probably the year I was Humpty Dumpty. We did a huge paper mache egg, it was awesome. I even fell down and cracked part way through the night (it was quite difficult to walk in.)
worst by far was when i was a pumpkin.... my parents decided to stuff it with newspaper and i live in Oregon. :rolleyes: By the end of the night all the wet newspaper got so heavy the bottom of my costume was dripping and hanging down.

i don't think I've had a best one except what would have been soph year of high school me and my friends decided to have a Halloween party, it was lame but i got this black and burgundy strapless dress and some matching wings (but the dress wasnt a costume which makes that lucky) and i went as a goth faery.


The Hierophant
I once went as the invisible pedestrian. Black pants, black coat, black ski mask, and a black pillow case. Walk around, hiding in bushes, jumping out of the woods, nearly getting hit by cars. Priceless.

Though, I don't know if that's the best or worst.


Chirp Chirp
I never had a costume. :cry: I lived in a rough and ready area as a wee lad. Halloween was pretty much the natural theme. I still got to pillage and plunder the local folk a few times and went to a few shindigs but we didn't put much effort into the proceedings down there. Not nearly as much as Americans do anyway. I was sad that I never got to dress up for the event though. Mind you, [PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 7C82A36B -- holy sweet mother of god, what the hell just happened there. I thought I was a dead man.] judging by some of the costume tales above, I probably had a lucky escape.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I never had a bad Halloween Costume, when I was younger I always won Halloween costume contest at my school. I won for six years in a row. I guess the best one had to be when I was the guy from Nightmare on Elm Street.


Registered Member
Like Syndicate said halloween aint really as big here as in the states,we still did the trick or treat thing,but costumes were normally very basic,buy a mask get a bag hope to get some good treats!.
Id say my worst costume was a sheet with two holes cut out and a smile drawn on it,i was only about 8 at the time.
Everything after that was better by default!.


No Custom Title Exists
My best costume has to be a pirate one, I even had a fake parrot. Fuck, I miss being little.