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Question What was your best page turning book you've ever read?


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Just had an encounter with a page turner within the past two weeks. I was browsing the 'normal' books at my university's bookstore and stumbled across A Dog's Purpose by W Bruce Cameron. After standing at the shelf reading about 30 pages, I figured I might as well buy it. Ended up finishing it the same day. Great read if you happen upon it. :)


The main books I think of when I think of books I literally couldn't put down are the Harry Potter series. Of course... I mean I've read each one over 7 times each and I still can't put them down.

More recently though, the Millennium Trilogy had me hooked. I was literally walking around the house reading them because I just didn't want to put the book down.

Aside from that the novel The Beach by Alex Garland really had me hooked as well. I read it in a day which is really quick for me.


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There were an Arab horror novelist whom I loved his stories very much. His series "Metaphysics" or in Arabic "Ma Waraa Al Tabiaa" is one of the most exciting books I have read. His name is Ahmed Khaled Tawfeek.

I don't know if some of them is translated into English, but I hope so to make you live these fantastic atmospheres.


Eye see what you did ther
The Aretermis Fowl series has pretty intriguing books that will hold your attention throughout the books.


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I loved Norwegian Wood, by Murakami Haruki. I remember I spent a whole night reading It; It is still one of my favourites. Did someone read It?

- (Look at the flag! Don't care about my bad English).


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I'd also have to say the Harry Potter series. I'd say I'm borderline of being a little too obsessed with HP, haha. I think one major reason may be that I was going through a really rough time with family when I first found the books when I was young, and it acted as an escape for me. I dunno why, it just brings comfort to me.

My favorite non-fiction is Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.