What was the last concert you went too?

Discussion in 'Music' started by snowflake, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. snowflake

    snowflake Registered Member

    The last one i went too was Bryan Adams at the end of October. I took my mum even though I enjoyed it just as much. I was amazed at how much of his music i do know. I'd go again to him too.

  2. Atreyu

    Atreyu #2 New Zealander

    The Last(And First) concert I went to was Atreyu, Bullet for my valentine and avenged sevenfold.

    Atreyu and Avenged where freaking amazing. Bullet on the other hand was terrible. If you ever get the chance to go see them in concert, don't.
  3. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    The last concert I went to was Depeche Mode at fiddlers green in Denver Colorado in 2003.
  4. MAgnum9987

    MAgnum9987 Do What Thou Wilt

    Eric Clapton, June 15 2008, live at the Comcast center, MA
    the opening act was RObert Randolph, and I thought the performance was phenomenal, if a little too loud
  5. Xeilo

    Xeilo Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    The last one I went to was Peal Jam, and that was 2 years ago now I think :S
  6. hotlips1972

    hotlips1972 Registered Member

    Bon Jovi in Summer of last year and he was brilliant
  7. Lemonv1

    Lemonv1 Registered Member

    That would be Iron Maiden in Twickenham, supported by Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation and Lauren Harris
  8. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    ...a concert...too loud?..


    The last concert I went to was Mayhem Festival which was supported by Rockstar Energy Drink.

    The smaller-type bands consisted of The Red Chord, Suicide Silence, Black Tide, Air Bourne and Machine Head.. Semi-bigger bands some of you would know here such as 36 Crazyfists, Five Finger Death Punch, Underoath and Walls of Jericho.. and to top it off, Mastodon, Dragonforce (horrible), Disturbed and Slipknot.
  9. snowflake

    snowflake Registered Member

    If he tours the UK again, I'll be going to see him.
  10. OverLoad65

    OverLoad65 Registered Member

    The last concert I went to was Soilwork and Throwdown back in March '08

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