What was the first social networking site you joined?


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The first social network site I joined was MySpace in Decemeber 2005. A lot of my friends pushed me to join. I joined Facebook about a week later.
Myspace in January 2006, the day after I came back to high school from winter vacation. I only joined because damn near everyone in my class had a Myspace account also.


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Unless Xanga counts (don't know that it would since it's mostly a blogging site, but it seemed to be the popular thing where I lived before My Space.) It was My Space... Sometime in 2005. Towards the beginning. I got invited by my cousin.


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I never joined one. I've had a million invites to join Facebook but never accepted. I don't like the idea of them to be honest. Too many of my friends spend way too much time on Facebook. I mean they get they get text messages telling them they've been "poked". Idungerrit.


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I think I used Xanga way back in 2004 (possibly earlier)

It didn't take long for me to get to myspace though, all of my friends happened to use Xanga though.

I've deleted my Myspace by now and my Xanga is somewhere out there (I still think I can log on to it I didn't get rid of it)

I'm using Facebook now though since that's the new big thing, it's all kind of dumb if you ask me, but it is a good way to get news out to all of your friends quickly and to talk with people you otherwise wouldn't talk to.

Then of course i joined GF in 2007 :sneaky:

:lol: that probably doesn't count.


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I joined facebook in late 2007 i think.
Everyone was obsessed with myspace when i was in year 7/8 and i just thought it was a stupid idea so i guess i never joined just to prove a point really. I think i may have had a bebo account before facebook but im not counting that because my friend made it for me and i never went on it.
Pretty sure it was Myspace. I've had about 2 email address' since the one I used to sign up to that site, so it always takes me a while of remembering before I can get on, which I don't really do anymore at all. I'll go on to find a date though.

The first message in my inbox was recieved >> 03 Jul 2005. 14 years old (not the message, me).

So 2005. Wanna see the PM?

Subject: Becca
Body: Can I have you in my friends List Sweetie, So I can put Commnets on you Pictures?????????

Ramsey is the name.
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Wicked lame high school networking site like, 6 years ago I think. Probably more like 9 years ago now that I think about it.


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Piczo I think, if that ain't considered as a social networking site, I'd have to go with MySpace back in 2006 I think.